100% pure essential oils

Natural Swiss cosmetics

Why Vivasan


The products of 6 largest Swiss companies first appeared in 1996 under the name Vivasan. The founder and president of the company, Mr. Thomas Gottfried has been providing the company a stable development in the international market for 18 years. Representative offices of Vivasan are being opened annually in new countries and regions (now opened in 32 countries). An international company Vivasan, with its impeccable Swiss approach to its production of goods for health and beauty, produces about 300 nature-friendly items for the whole family: 100% essential oils, body care and hair care products, herbal hair dyes, vitamin complexes, cosmetic line, food, LUXURY cream series and healthy nutrition products.

Not tesded on animals

Formulas: latest developments and technologies. Efficiency and safety of products are the main priorities of the company. When choosing ingredients Vivasan experts prefer natural organic raw plant materials.
The major advantages of Vivasan products are:
-The base: herbs, oils and extracts
-Do not contain genetically modified components
-Do not contain hormones, antibiotics, synthetic preservatives
-Hypoallergenic, ie do not contain allergenic substances
-A wide range of application
-Apply to all age groups
-Not tested on animals
-Highly concentrated, without fillers, economical in use

GMP certificates

All products are made only in Switzerland. Strict control of production processes ensures excellent product quality. The quality is guaranteed by GMP certificates (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9000. This means that VIVASAN products comply with international standards which impose special requirements for manufacturers of health and beauty products. Swiss Federal Office of Quality Control - Swiss Medic annually checks the work of Vivasan partner companies.

Modern technology


Over the years, the laboratory of Vivasan maintains high standards of work. Special attention is always given to product safety and continuous quality control. Close relationship with experts around the world allows to introduce the latest technologies and to use the latest scientific developments in the field of cosmetology and healthy nutrition, while still maintaining the old natural recipes. Innovations. The products available from Vivasan are manufactured using patented innovative formulas. Every year our range is expanded with new and improved products for your use.

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