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What Vitamins Are Essential For A Man

Organism needs vitamins for normal functioning. They allow strengthening physical and emotional health. Men have their own needs in a certain composition of vitamins and microelements that are dictated by their anatomy-physiologic peculiarities. Men involved in physically demanding job must receive useful substances in big quantities. The need of organism in vitamins increases with age. A healthy ratio itself can be insufficient. It is necessary to take mineral-vitamin complexes for filling up the lack of useful substances. So, what does men organism need for normal functioning?

Strong Muscles

This is not a secret, that men have more muscle bulk than women. That is why the sterner sex needs meat which is rich in proteins in order to support the muscular system. Muscles love protein, so the ratio should include enough vitamins of B-B2, B6 and B12 group.


Vitamin C helps a man to be more resistant. Vitamin E prolongs youthfulness and protects blood vessels from damage. Vitamin N allows normalizing adipose and carbohydrate metabolism in liver. This substance helps to fight with the consequences of alcohol intoxication and unhealthy food consuming. Coenzyme Q10 takes part in chemical reactions of energy producing in the organism. In case there is a lack of this substance, one can experience chronic fatigue. Plant-based preparation viva Q10 Forte from Vivasan possesses a powerful anti-oxidant action, increases viability and lowers the risk of CDV.

Healthy Hair

The problem of hair loss can be connected with the lack of biotin (or vitamin H). It carries sulphur that takes part in regeneration of the hair cells. Men should obligatory take vitamins A, B1 and E every day in order to stop hair loss.

Virile Strength

Carotin and vitamin A take part in sex hormones production. Vitamin B6 allows lessening the action of mammotropic hormone causing lowering of libido. Zink is responsible for normal functioning of prostate and regulates the level of testosterone.

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