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Say Goodbye to Spots with Natural Face Care

Best Tips to Remove Black Spots From Face

Is a spotty face your problem? Apart from resisting the urge to prick them (and thus making them worse), there are a lot of effective solutions that you can try in order to clear it up. No longer will you have to resort to covering them up with makeup if you try these solutions, so read on ahead!

Spot Solution 1: Reassess your facial wash and cleanser.

Did you know that if you do not use the correct facial wash for your skin type you might end up adding to the spots and blemishes on your face? The first step to clearing your face is to use natural face care products that are also right (or targeted) for your specific skin condition.

Spot Solution 2: Use a toner and moisturizer.

Sometimes, spots and blemishes get aggravated when you pile on too much stuff on your face. Other times, the condition gets worse when you totally ignore your skin and do not put anything to help its condition. It is important to reach a balance by using a light toner and moisturizer. The toner will get rid of any remaining dead skin cells on your face that were not washed off with your cleanser, and the moisturizer will maintain your skin’s sebum balance so it does not overproduce it.

Spot Solution 3: Go in for the kill with a targeted, concentrated spot-ridding product.

After making sure your skin is clean, toned and moisturized, you then need to focus on the actual spots themselves. Apply a bacteria-fighting product like tea tree oil and a natural lightening product that contains natural ingredients like lemon juice (which works really well at fading dark spots).

Spot Solution 4: Regularly clean your makeup tools.

Your makeup brushes and sponges harbor hundreds of bacteria that may contribute to clogged pores and acne. Make sure you clean them every 1-2 weeks to keep from transferring that bacteria to your face!

Spot Solution 5: Avoid touching your face.

You may unconsciously contribute to the spots on your face every time you touch it – especially when your hands are dirty! If your chin or the undersides of your cheeks are lined with spots, it may be because you have a habit of resting your face on your hands.

Spot Solution 6: Sleep early!

Lack of sleep not only makes you feel tired; it also stresses your skin out and causes it to overproduce oil. The earlier you sleep, the better it will be for your face!

Spot Solution 7: If you must prick, do it right!Sometimes, a blemish spot can look like it’s begging to be squeezed – especially when it’s got a hard, yellowish center that is already protruding from the center surface. In cases such as these, pricking may be an acceptable quick fix if you

  • do it gently but thoroughly - as in, get the “root” of the pimple
  • do it with clean hands and clean nails
  • remember to apply tea tree oil or any other antibacterial product after pricking and washing. It’s going to look red and raw for a couple of days, but this may be ok with you if you prefer this to an annoying pimple that looks like it is about to burst!

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