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Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Dry Hair – Pronto!

Feeling woeful about having dry hair and dandruff to boot? Don’t be. Most likely, you have had your fair share of bad hair days and, quite possibly, some embarrassment due to “hair snowflakes” (maybe because you used to use what you thought was the best shampoo for oily hair, and then turned your condition around for the worst). As such, you definitely deserve to know about natural and organic ways of managing your mane’s condition.

Switch Up Your Hair Care

The first thing you need to do to bid dandruff and dry hair adieu is to change your hair care products now. Hair that is suffering from dandruff is a special condition; which is why you will need special types of shampoos to manage it. To start, you need to make sure you get a shampoo without sulfate. You can find shampoo for dry hair that is also sulfate-free, so you are sure that even if it does not produce suds (that’s the job of sulfates, to produce suds) you will still end up with fresh hair that is not extra-aggravated. You also need to stock up on a bottle or two of natural anti dandruff shampoo to manage your dandruff. Take caution, though: just because you have dandruff does not mean the best hair shampoo to use everyday has dandruff fighting properties. Every couple of weeks, switch it up with natural hair shampoo for dry hair to keep the cleansing properties effective for your hair.

Add Organic Extras

Since you are also suffering from dry hair, it helps to also invest in natural and organic hair conditioning products. You can use an after-shampoo conditioner, perhaps every other day. If your hair is extra dry, consider an organic leave - on treatment. However, don’t pile it on your hair because too much product can add weight to your hair and consequently your dandruff. Just add it to the tips and you’ll be fine.

Get Rested and Be Healthy

And of course, having a well-rested body and healthy lifestyle will do a whole lot of good for your dandruff and dry hair. This is very important, because how we treat our body will reflect greatly upon the condition of our hair. If you are under a lot of stress or are missing out on your sleep hours, you will find that your dandruff is seriously worsened as triggered by the lack of rest. If you have been skipping out on your hydration intake as well as your fruits and veggies, do not be surprised if your hair is looking frizzy and dry.

Employ the Gentle Touch

And finally, treat your hair gently and with utmost care! Pat – and not rub – dry your hair after a shower to keep frizz at bay. Brush gently and no more than twenty five strokes at a time to distribute a healthy amount of oil and flake off any existing dandruff. Avoid tying your hair too much to decrease the amount of stress on your hair (and to avoid tie marks).

Remember – as you love your body and your life, so should you love and care for your hair!

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