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Choosing the Right Shake For Your Sport
If you are into fitness, chances are you have heard all about the wonderful benefits that come with regularly taking organic dry vitamin shakes for better performance.
Organic dry vitamin shakes are fast becoming the drink of choice not just for many athletes but also for regular individuals who have made the commitment to be healthier, fitter and stronger than before.However, there are many variants of organic dry vitamin shakes out in the market today, all with their own specific benefits and advantages. You cannot just randomly choose a variant and then go with it. Just like choosing your equipment, you need to have a keener eye out on the right shake for yourself. As such, these guide questions will help you narrow down the search for the organic dry vitamin shakes you need to be taking pronto:

Question 1: What does your sport require of you?

Sporting and athletic pursuits differ in the kind of movement such an activity will require of you, which is why prior to choosing your organic dry vitamin shakes you need to know what specific movements or requirements you need in order to do your sport better. Does your sport require you to move quickly, as do volleyball players? Is endurance a pretty big consideration, like what triathletes do? Do you need to bulk up like weightlifters? Or do you need to maintain a slim and svelte body like racing jockeys? All these will matter in your search for the right shake because you do not want to drink a shake that will counter your athletic goals and requirements!

Question 2: How fast do you need to prepare it?

Organic dry vitamin shakes will differ in preparation, so you need to know which type of preparation you are willing to undergo. Some simply require cold water and a good, hard shake – and you’re good to go! Some will require mixing in first with hot water (quite possibly to activate some important compounds) and then pouring in the blender with ice and maybe some fruits. If you find two or three good contenders, check out their preparation instructions first and determine which one you are more willing to do or are most able to do given your resources.

Question 3: When do you need to take it?

Shakes are fun to drink and take, what with many variants having a good flavor that actually pleases your palate. But there are some shakes that will require you to take it at specific times. For example, one shake that you are eyeing may require you taking it half an hour before working out. Another would be something that you take after you engage in your athletic pursuits, as its objective is to help you mend your muscles. Look at the variants and when you need to take it, and if you are deciding over two then select the one that is most convenient for you to take. If it takes half an hour to drive from the office to the gym, then you might want to drink the one that takes 30 minutes to be absorbed in your body so you can drink it while on your way. These tips will help you find the right – and best performing – shake for your sports!

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