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Herbal spray

Herbal spray

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VIVA PLUS - herbal spray

VIVA PLUS - herbal spray

Herbal spray Viva Plus Contains pure essential oils. Helps to breathe more easily. Can be used..

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Herbal spray

An Herbal Approach to Home and Body Deodorization

Dispensing relaxing and aromatherapy scents is one thing – getting rid of unwanted odors is another. When the latter is of prime concern, then you will surely love our spray products for home and body deodorization. These two natural herbal spray products are made with pure ingredients that are effective in both nixing bad odors and killing germs.

Natural herbal spray

Convenience in a Bottle

You might already have a way to rid your home and body of bad smells and germs, but our herbal spray products take it one step further by giving you the convenience you both want and deserve. Free from harsh chemical ingredients, you are assured of using the best oil spray that will not leave harmful residues on both your skin or around your home. Now, you have the option to try a safe, organic and effective alternative to chemical cleaners and synthetic products for a guilt-free approach to keeping your home and body clean and odor-free.

Spray Foot Deodorizer

Tired feet and smelly feet will be of no more concern to you thanks to our organic herbal spray for the feet:

  • Made with Lavender, Tea Tree oil and Witch Hazel. This hardworking trio is a blend of germ-fighting and feet-soothing ingredients that will leave your feet odor-free.
  • Instant deodorizing effects. A quick spray or two and you will already notice a change in the air – that is, the smelly air around your feet that no longer is. With long lasting effects, you can be confident that its odor-fighting properties will last you the entire day!
  • Comes in a non-sticky formula. No need to wait for the product to take effect, and no need to worry over slipping or sliding around in your sandals with our herbal deodorizing foot spray’s non-sticky formula.

Herbal essences spray for body

Viva Plus Herbal Spray

Our herbal essences spray for body (like herbal cream) and home will quickly become your go-to product for cleaning and deodorizing the environment you live in:

  • Helps in cleaning the air. This organic herbal spray is made with organic essential oils that clear the air to help you breath better and more easily.
  • Acts as an air refresher. Say goodbye to the scent of fish odors, tobacco and other kinds of unpleasant smells in a CFC-free way! One or two sprays will quickly neutralize the offending scent.
  • Made with home-friendly scents. The combination of Eucalyptus, Mountain Pine, Silver Fir, Clove, Field Mint and Rosemary makes for a homey and comforting scent that will make you look forward to coming home just to take in such a wonderful scent.

The New Essential

These herbal essences spray for body and home are definitely meant to be used on a regular basis, therefore making it an essential that you can handily reach out for at home, at the office and right in your own bag!

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