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How To Secure Your Child From Viruses

Virus diseases can run very severely and lead to complications. The best way to fight viruses is prophylaxis and strengthening of a child’s immune system.

How to Strengthen a Child’s Immune System?

1. Acclimation. This procedure allows enhancing the thermoregulation of the organism. Temperature differences don’t bring harm to an acclimated child. Such children very rarely catch cold. Acclimation rules:
  • All environmental factors can be used (water, air, sun)
  • Acclimation can be started in any season of the year. All procedures must be conducted systematically
  • Degree of irritators on the child’s organism should be gradually increased
  • Acclimation procedures must trigger only positive emotions
2. Hygiene. In case there is a lot of pathogenic flora in the environment, the risk of becoming sick is increased even for a child with strong immune system. It is impossible to completely exclude the presence of bacteria, but it is absolutely possible to decrease their concentration:
  • Air the room more often
  • Regularly do moist moping 
  • Accustom your child to follow the rules of personal hygiene (hands washing, regular shower and so on)
3. Vitamins. Vitamins are able to secure the need of a child’s organism in all essential elements and they protect it from viruses. Taking vitamin complexes is recommended in winter and early spring as organism gets the needed quantity of vitamins together with fruits, vegetables and green goods in other seasons.

What Vitamins to Choose for a Child?

The scientists have found out that vitamin C can influence all viruses. The lack of this vitamin leads to a decrease of body resistance to various infections. Acerola, the tropic cherry (sweet cherry) is the richest vitamin C-containing fruit. Just to compare, it contains 40 times more vitamin C than oranges and lemons. Biologically active supplement from Vivasan “ACEROLA” allows optimally compensate the need of a child’s organism in the vitamin C. This is an excellent supplement for prophylaxis and curing of infectious virus diseases. Taking “ACEROLA” is recommended during defatigation, physical and psycho-emotional stresses.

Blueberry “Vital” from Vivasan also helps to increase the immunity to inflectional diseases. Besides, this drink possesses antioxidant characteristics. It is recommended for children having a propensity for frequent cold-related diseases and the ones having bad appetite.

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