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Heavy Legs Syndrome and How to Get Rid of It

According to statistics, every 2nd woman and every 3rd man are suffering from heavy legs syndrome. This unpleasant feeling (when legs are annoying, felt insensible and swollen) is familiar for people of all ages. Young people are getting acquainted with this problem more and more nowadays as they have to work in front of the computer or stand all day long.

The reasons of heavy legs syndrome

  • Inherited problem
  • Varicosity
  • Lon-time staying in vertical position
  • Uncomfortable footwear
  • Excess physical activities
  • Excess weight

Heavy legs syndrome can to be indicative of serious disease development. Painful feelings in the legs can evidence artery and Lower Extremity Vein diseases. Such serious disease as diabetes mellitus can start from simple pain in the legs. That is why do not procrastinate with diagnostics and consult the doctor.

Cure for Heavy Legs

It is possible to ease the pain and relax with the help of leg massage with special remedial creams. Legs should be rubbed on the feet and up to the hips. Vivasan vine leaves and horse chestnut vein cream is perfect for leg massage. It mitigates fatigue and feeling of weight. The cream restores veins’ elasticity, lessens capillary fragility and prevents blood cloths and swelling appearance, previses the appearance of vascularity spots on the legs. The cream can be used at home as an auxiliary aid for varicosity, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis and in case you feel heaviness during sustainable walking or standing.

Heavy Legs Syndrome Prophylaxis

  • Walk more often
  • Put a hard low pillow under your legs while sleeping – this will lessen the affluxion of blood to the
  • legs
  • Include products containing vitamin E into your ratio (sea fish, vegetable oils and sprouted grain of the wheat)
  • In case your work is non-mobile, purchase special stockings with holding effect
  • Pettle your legs with cold shower and make leg baths with Vivasan essential oils. Lemon, savin, geranium and rosemary are perfect for this cause. Add sea salt and few drops of one of the oils into the water of room temperature. You will feel remedy after 15 minutes. You can also make cooling baths with peppermint essential oil and ice cubes in summer.

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