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Hair Talk: Chemical Hair Color vs. Natural Hair Color

Thinking of going for a new look? Coloring your hair is the easiest way to give yourself a makeover, but it is important to be aware of how your choice of natural hair color or chemical will impact not only the quality of your hair but also your overall health.

Chemical Hair Color: Is It Worth It?

The most prevalent type of hair colors you will find in the market today are chemical based, as they are cheaper to produce and can give you the most daring of effects (think white blonde!), if that is what you are going for. However, these options are also the worst things you can do for your hair. There are over hundreds of different types of chemicals used to make hair color, and the one that is most commonly used is PPD (phenylenediamine) can be an example of just how bad these chemicals are to your skin and health.

The Bad Effects of Chemical-Laden Hair Color

The bad effects of chemicals present in hair color include various toxic effects, contact dermatitis, allergies, and a host of cancers including bladder cancer, among others. Studies show that you do not even have to have these chemicals applied to your hair to contract these bad effects; your mere exposure to it already puts you at risk. This means not only will you be the direct recipient of the toxic effects of chemical based colors but you also put others at risk, such as the colorist who is tasked to help you with grey hair coverage, for example.If you think you can avoid these chemicals by choosing the nonpermanent route, think again. Even non-permanent hair dyes have a good amount of these harmful chemicals that already do enough damage even if they do wash out after some time. Even choosing a dark hair color does not mean less exposure to chemicals compared to bleach-laden products in lighter tones; studies show that coal tars incorporated in dark hair color, when fed to rats, caused them to develop bladder cancer. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

A Safer Alternative Given all these, will you be stuck with your natural (or greying) hair color for the rest of your life? The answer is no, as there are safer alternatives out there! There are paraben free options that are made with only natural ingredients; all you need to do is to seek out these organic options. Vegetable-based hair rinses give your hair a new coat of color thanks to all natural botanical extracts that also make your hair thicker and fuller. Other organic or natural based hair color even go as far as to protect the hair shaft from harmful UV filters and harsh elements like chlorine, salt and other types of pollutants. Natural hair colors also have hair-nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil and coconut oil that will not put you at risk for allergies.

Sanotint Classic is an extremely safe and gentle hair product, thanks to its natural ingredients: Golden Millet, Olive, Birch and Grape seed extracts as well as Biotin and Pantothenate Calcium. Healthy, smooth and glowing hair can expect long-lasting brilliant colour results with perfect grey coverage right from the first application. The only “do-it-yourself” colour containing Golden Millet and vegetable extracts that colours your hair without damaging it. Available in 30 shades that can be mixed together.These safe alternatives’ presence in more stores is on the rise, and with good reason. The return to natural does not mean we all stop and let nature take its course hair-wise; rather, research and development are finder newer and better ways to give us beauty solutions that are safe and good for us – so we can look good, feel good, and be good all at the same time!

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