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Hair Straightening at Home

A lot of women dream about smooth and shining hair. Such fabulous effect can be reached without attending of beauty salon. There are numerous methods of hair straightening, some of them bring harm in different degrees and some do not.

Hair Straightening Products

Chemical straightening belongs to beauty salon methods. This procedure supposes use of thioglycolates ammonium or sodium hydroxide. The result is secured with the help of neutralizer. Cosmetic products can be used at home as well. How do hair straightening products work? The hair is covered with a thin membrane that smoothens hair pells and adds weight to the hair. Thankfully to this hair does not become flaggable and is easier to brush.

Hair lamination with the help of gelatine is an effective, harmless and very cheap method. Melt down one bag of gelatine in warm water and mix it with 1 spoon of hair balsam. Spread the mask on your hair and wash it off in 30 minutes.

Keratic hair straightening. This method has proved its efficiency. The effect of smooth and shining hair will be pleasing you for several weeks. Keratic straightening seals up the hair ends, moistens the cuticle and preserves the colour of treated hair. In order to make this procedure at home, you will need a hair straightening brush, blow dryer, hair straightening iron and a set of straightening products. At first, wash your hair with keratic hair straightening shampoo. Remove the excess of moisture with the help of a towel and apply a hair straightening product. Blow hair dry with the help of the brush and then straighten it with the iron. Apply a straightening refinisher. Do not wash your head during three days after the procedure and do not make a ponytail or braids.

Natural Masks and Hair Care Products

Hair extension and regular blow drying, hair straightening irons have a bad effect on the hair. You risk making your hair look like straw.  Use Argana Vivasan series for preventative measures,
natural hair care and elimination of negative implications after experimenting with your hair. All products of this line are created on the argan oil basis. Thankfully to its unique properties, it is considered to be one of the most expensive and valuable essential oils. The series contains shampoo and hair refinisher. The unique combination of natural components restores the hair structure, prevents ends separation, intensively moistens, removes fragility of hair and stimulates its growth. Regular use will provide your hair with health and satin gloss and perfect hair treatment.

Natural Mask for Hair Straightening

  • Tea and sugar. Take 2 tablespoons of black tea and brew them with 1 glass of rolling boil. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar in 15 minutes.
  • Colourless henna mask with essential oils. Take colourless henna powder and breed it according to the manual on the package. Add 1 bain marie warmed-up teaspoon of Vivasan wine-stone oil and several drops of Vivasan orange essential oil.
  • Vinegar and almonds. Take apple cider vinegar and water it down with cool regenerated water in proportion 1:1. Add 1 teaspoon of the bain marie warmed-up Vivasan cosmetic almond oil.

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