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Hair Dye: How to Choose

Shinning smooth hair is a dream of every woman. Unfortunately, not every woman has received such a generous gift from nature. Females often complain about dullness and “mouse colour” of their natural hair. The easiest way to get the desired and rich shade is dying, of course. It is essential to choose a hair dye correctly in order to have the desired result and not to harm the hair. Firstly, pay attention to content. Most hair dyes contain ammonia. This substance helps colouring pigments to stick to the hair’s structure. Meanwhile, this substance can provoke strong allergic reactions. That is why it is better to purchase hair dye without ammonia. It is obvious that such dye lasts less, but, on the other hand, it does not harm your hair. The best hair dye is the one containing minimum chemical elements and maximum natural substances. Sanotint Classic from Vivasan is among such hair dyes. This hair dye has dual action: effective dying and care. Colouring pigments provide bright and intense shade while natural components contribute to hair structure recovery. Extracts of millet, birch-tree, grape seeds and walnut shells along with vitamins are combined in this semi colour hair dye. Women with sensitive allergy-predisposed skin can use Sanotint Light hair dye.

Different Types of Hair – Different Dyes

  • Bleaching hair dyes. In case you have decided to bleach your hair, take into account not the results only, but also the influence on your hair. Sparing effect, hair structure caring action, yellowing absence and effective bleaching are the most important demands. Sanotint lightening kit contains millet and wheat germs extracts. They strengthen hair and give them natural shining. This delicate product allows safe lightening up to three shades.
  • Dark blond shades can have several shortcomings. When it comes to washing away, the often have yellowish or greenish tone. Besides, they can wash away very quickly. You will avoid these issues if you purchase Sanotint hair colour dye. All dark blond shades offered in the palette are notable for resistance. They look naturally and hair colour does not become greenish or yellowish even after one month.
  • Hair dyes for dark and gray hair. Dying such type of hair is a hard task. That is why hair dye must be lasting and colour must be rich. Chocolate, coopery and burgundy hues on Sanotint Classic palette will be the best choice.

What Hair Colour Suits You?

If naturally your hair is of light blond colour, try warm light hues starting from strawberry blond to intense honey shade. It will be better if you refuse from fiery red hues. Also exclude dark brown tones. If your hair is of chestnut colour or you are dark blonde with reddish hue, go for red shades. You can choose starting from mid- and to dark shades. Besides, you can have your hair dyed in brown shades with reddish play of colours. Do not choose cold shades. Owners of brown hair should make stress on their natural shade and use brown hues. They also can try bluish-black palette.

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