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Hair Dye Allergy: How to Avoid It, PPD free

Hair dyes might seem like a pretty innocent, everyday thing. After all, millions of people around the world use hair dyes on a regular basis. However, this does not assure you that you are not at risk for hair dye allergy, which is also a fast-growing condition in recent years. It is important to know everything about hair dye allergy and what you can do to avoid it.

Who’s Prone To It?

A good percent of the hair-dyeing population are more prone to hair dye allergy, whether it is a simple rash or full-blown swelling. Those who have a greater chance of developing hair dye allergy are:

  • People who have sensitive skin: skin that already reacts to a multitude of agents in products and in the environment is bound to react to the chemicals in hair dyes when they are not PPD free or not natural hair color options.
  • People who use darker (or even black) hair dyes: the presence of PPD (or paraphenylenediamine) as well as other chemicals in black and dark hair dyes will increase the chances of the user developing allergic reactions.

Signs and Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction

There are some symptoms you need to watch out for not just in the affected area but in other parts of the body as well (as the chemicals in the dye can seep into your bloodstream and spread):


  • Iritations in areas close to the application site such as the forehead, neck, hairline, scalp, ears or eyelids identifiable through the following:
  • Itchy and tingly sensations
  • Inflamed patches
  • Red, flaky rashes or lesions
  • A general feeling of being unwell
  • Anaphylaxis or hypersensitivity (at times)
  • Other symptoms or conditions that may be particular to individuals and were not experienced prior to the application of hair dyes (ex. tightening of the throat)

These allergic reactions may show up any time from after immediate application to three days from application. As such, just because you did not feel anything on the day you applied the hair dye does not mean you are automatically in the clear for any allergic reactions.

Treating the Allergic Reaction

If you unfortunately experience allergic reactions to your hair dye product, it is important to focus on treating it properly with basic practices and emergency procedures:

  1. Thoroughly wash the affected area. As soon as you see and feel the allergy, immediately wash off the dye to keep your condition from worsening.
  2. See your dermatologist for a recommendation on topical cream to apply to the area. While most people will use an OTC hydrocortisone cream, see your dermatologist ASAP to know what cream can be used to treat the allergy site. The choice of cream will depend on the severity of the reaction.
  3. If severe allergic reactions are upon you, reach out for your doctor-approved antihistamines to keep the allergy down until you get to a doctor or a health care practitioner.

Go for Better Products

To avoid all of these, it is important to consider going for PPD free, natural hair color options instead. These do not have the harsh chemicals that are found in other products but instead deliver great color payoff with a host of natural extracts and ingredients. Some of these PPD free natural hair color products are even considered safe for pregnant or nursing moms because of the absence of harmful chemicals. When you know what alternatives you have, you will be pleased to know that you can still happily – and safely – get that hair color you want without fear of an allergic reaction thanks to a PPD free natural hair color product!

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