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Genius Ways to Create Vitamin Cocktails – For the Whole Family! (Vitamin b cocktail)

One of the most interesting ways to ensure that your family is taking their regular doses of vitamins is to present them in cocktail. These fun and flavorful beverage concoctions are great additions to your daily health routine. With the right ingredients, you will soon be on your way to healthier and vitamin-packed mornings for the whole family!

Cocktail 1: Healing Green Juice

If you are already a fan of green juices or smoothies, here is a more powerful twist to your usual glass of goodness. Take your favorite green vegetables (cucumbers, kale, spinach, celery, etc.), toss in your sweet- enhancing ingredient (usually a pineapple or a carrot) and add two tablespoons of artichoke liquid formula. Add some ice and blend for a tasty green drink that does your digestive system a world of good! This drink is perfect for health-conscious males in the family who would like something to balance out the loads of protein they eat for dinner.

Cocktail 2: Berry Blues Buster

There’s a natural way to beat the blues and stave off the feeling of tiredness with the Berry Blues Buster cocktail. In a blender, add a handful of your favorite berries (blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, etc.). The secret ingredient to make this cocktail all the more potent? A tablespoon of blueberry vital drink. Just a tablespoon is all it takes to keep you awake the whole morning. Another glass is recommended in the afternoon for a much needed after lunch boost that takes you all the way to the early evening! When the pre-teener is down in the dumps, there is nothing quite like the Berry Blues Buster to uplift his or her mood in minutes.

Cocktail 3: The Ferrofortini

Make cocktail night a healthy night by serving up glasses of the Ferrofortini! This Vitamin B cocktail is loaded with iron, vitamin B, ferrous gluconate-II and more, all in a honey-fruit-veggie blend that goes great swirled in with a blended ice fruit base. Simply puree peaches and pineapples then pulse blend in a blender with lots of ice. Pour the fruity mix into martini glasses and swirl a tablespoon or two of Ferroforte drink. Now that’s a drink that gets you fortified instead of buzzed! Mom’s night out (or in) will never be the same (or as healthy) again with the Ferrofortini cocktail!

Cocktail 4: Yogurt Blend Breakfast Drink

When the kids are running late for school and there’s no time to sit down for breakfast, they’d best be handed with a tumbler of the Yogurt Blend Breakfast Drink. All it takes is one cup of yogurt, one banana, ¼ cup of steel cut oats and 1-3 tablespoons of red berry syrup. This vitamin syrup is a blend of vitamins A, C and E and keeps the immune system going even during the most stressful of days! These four vitamin-packed cocktail drinks are sure to keep your family healthy, happy and alert especially when they most need it. Don’t be surprised if they ask for second servings!

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