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Fungus Toenails: Symptoms and Treatment

Fungus on Feet: Reasons

There are many reasons that can provoke fungus of feet.

  • External factors: cracks on skin and nails, constant humidity, hot dewy climate or tight footwear
  • Internal factors: weakened immune system, diabetes, age-related changes, antibiotics and oral contraceptives reception

Nail Fungus

Usually children do not have fungus. Grown-ups are exposed to this disease. It is possible to get the infection in a swimming-pool, washroom, sauna, locker room or on the beach. If a person has GIT or thyroid diseases, the risk of fungus increases.

Fungus Toenails: Symptoms and Methods of Treatment

How to treat a fungus on feet? It is hard not to notice nail fungus. Main symptoms of this disease are itching, bad feet odour, nail plane lamination and change of its colour. The surface around the plane may become unhealthy and swollen. How to cure toenails? If you have noticed evidence of mycotic lesion, address the doctor immediately. The longer the fungus is present on your nails, the harder it will be to cure it. Local treatment will help in the early stages. Apply anti-fungus ointment or emulsion (ketoconazole, bifonazole or terbinafine hydrochloride) on the affected surface 2 times per day. Steam the skin before applying the remedy. A special anti-fungal polish can be used for local treatment as well. If the fungal infection is in its advanced stage, then antibiotics of systemic action are prescribed. They are taken orally. Pay attention! Do not use the same scissors for processing ailing and healthy nails. Footwear and articles of daily use should be disinfected with a special anti-fungal liquid or spray.

Natural Anti-Fungal

How to treat the fungus? Iodine alcohol liquid is one of the most popular natural remedies for nail fungus. It is a strong antiseptic making the protein to fibrillate. Fungus has protein structure that is why iodine has shown its efficiency in the control of the disease. Thankfully to its protein structure, birch tar oil is also used for natural foot care. 10% of this substance can be found in pine-tar soap. It is good for disinfection and skin turn over. Sea salt and percoct salt can also be used in struggling with fungus. Salt also aids in nail softening and acts as antiseptic. The lack of these methods is that natural anti-fungal treatment takes much time. This treatment needs to be applied during 2 months at least. Besides, these methods are effective only in the early stages of nail plate damage.

How to cure the fungus on feet? A whole line of natural effective remedies for nail fungus treatment and body care is offered by Vivasan:

  • A wide anti-fungal effect is provided by the Tea tree essential oil, Tea tree cream and  Extract of grape-fruit stones
  • Vivasan foot spray provides disinfecting, deodorizing and drying action
  • Juniper cream with essential oils and herbal extracts has anti-fungal and deodorizing action. Besides, it enhances blood-circulating and provides warming effect
  • Immune Guard (containing echinacoside and vitamin C) or vitamin-mineral complex “All Day Fit” for stimulation of the immune system will also help
  • Floramax contains lactic bacteria perfectly reconstructs disbiotic disorders present during candidiasis

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