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Fighting Cellulitus With Natural Oils and More

Treatment for Cellulitus With Natural Esential Oils 

While a lot of people find that some skin infections or problems are easily treatable (or ignored until they finally go away), there are some conditions that are more severe could end up with you feeling much worse than you think. One such condition is cellulitis. This is a skin infection that is bacterial in nature, and does serious damage not only to your skin’s appearance but deep down as well.

A Havoc-Causing Infection

When a cellulitis infection spreads, it penetrates your skin’s deeper layers and distributes a host of bacterium in the subcutaneous as well as the dermis tissues. These bacterium include staphylococcus, streptococcus, hemophilus influenza, pneuomococcus and clostridium. You will know that you are infected with cellulitis when the area is reddish, tender and swollen. Other symptoms of cellulitis includes:

  •  Fever
  •  Chills
  •  Swollen glands
  •  Sweating

When ignored, cellulitis can cause permanent damage to your skin to the point wherein all efforts to reverse the damage could be futile.

Natural Cures for Cellulitis

Fortunately, cellulitis is treatable. And the good news is you do not have to resolve to antibiotics or drugs in order to address the issue, if you move fast enough. There is a host of cures for cellulitis that you can have access to, such as:

1. Natural oils for skin. Natural oils for body and skin affected with cellulitis is a safe and direct way of treating the infection. Some natural oils known for their cellulitis-fighting properties include

  •  Tea tree oil – with its acidic and anti-bacterial properties that help cure cellulitis. To use this, dilute it with a bit of olive oil and apply directly onto the affected area. Do this three times day to ensure that all bacteria is killed.
  •  Rosemary and fennel oils – combats the dryness caused by cellulitis thanks to their ability to lubricate the skin, thus improving its health. A combination of both is especially potent, and should be applied every day on the infection site until it has completely disappeared.

2. Garlic. Garlic is a popular bacteria-fighting food, so you would best eat it directly to remedy the condition from within. Apart from topical cures, consuming garlic helps protect the body from further contamination or spread of the cellulitis bacteria. Keep taking garlic until you are cleared of cellulitis. It is important to take this raw to gain the full benefits of the anti-bacterial properties, coupled with lots of water to flush out the bacteria and toxins out of your body.

3. Yogurt. Yogurt is another bacteria-fighting food, and two cups of yogurt everyday helps to increase the good bacteria in your body. It also supports your immune system, so you are not easily susceptible to the other side effects of cellulitis such as fevers and chills.

The trick to fighting cellulitis is addressing even the smallest infection right away with these three natural cures, and being religious at doing so until you are free from infection. Stopping the virus is best done when it has not yet spread to other parts, and using natural means such as natural oils, garlic and yogurt is so much better than popping a pill.

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