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Facial Cleansing at Home

Stick to two important rules while doing facial cleansing at home. Firstly, facial cleansing is done only on prepared skin with your hands well-washed. Secondly, it is forbidden to do facial cleansing if there are inflammations or other visible dermal diseases.

What steps should be taken to have your face cleaned at home?

Step 1. Clean off the make-up, dust and sebum. If you have got dry or normal skin, clean your face with cosmetic milk with the help of a cotton pad. If your skin is oily, use cleansing gels. The remaining cosmetics should be removed with the help of alcohol-free tonic.

Step 2. Skin steaming. This is a compulsory step for correct face care. Steaming allows pore opening. Besides, it will ease their cleansing. At home you can steam your skin with the help of fallowing chamomile decoction. It is essential to keep to precautionary measures: steam should not burn your skin too much.

Step 3. Deep facial peels. Scrub is a facial care product for mechanical face cleansing. Apply scrub on steamed skin and rub it for several minutes. Facial peels affect skin chemically. Peels are applied on a certain time indicated by the producer in the instruction.

Step 4. Facial cleansing from blackheads, manual comedone removing. This procedure should be conducted with well-washed, processed with alcohol or special disinfecting solution hands. Mask Viva detox has perfect cleansing effect. It contains extracts of horseradish tree, rooibos and wine-stone, jojoba, olive and almond oils. The mask provides natural face care and deep cleansing and carefully releases skin from toxins.

Step 5. Disinfection. It is necessary to process the wounds that have appeared after hand cleansing in order to prevent the pathogenic microorganism involving. Use Vivasan Tea Tree tonic with manuka and rosaline. This product is notable for its effective anti-bacterial and disinfectant impact. Besides, it is a perfect choice for oily skin care and facial cleansing from blackheads.

Step 6. Pore closing. An astringent mask is applied or a special tonic is used for this procedure.

Natural Face Cosmetics

Here are some recipes for face cleansing.

  • Mint cleansing decoction helps to clean skin. Poor 1 tablespoon of dry cut mint leaves with 1 glass of fresh boiling water. Close it tight and wait till the decoction cools down. Use it as your daily facial rinse.
  • One of the best natural scrubs can be prepared from the ground coffee. Take 2 tablespoons of ground coffee and mix it with 1 teaspoon of Vivasan avocado oil or sour cream.
  • Clay pore narrowing mask. Blue clay is good for oily skin, green clay – for mature skin and white clay – for all skin types. Mix 2 tablespoons of clay with green tea in order to receive a cream mixture. Apply the mask for 15 minutes and wait till it dries. Then wash the mask off with the help of cool water. Add several drops of Vivasan essential oils (according to your skin type) for health benefit intensification.

 Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

Face procedures for skin having a propensity for pimples and acne differ with carefulness and thoroughness.

  • Choose only the best face cosmetics. In such a way you will minimize the appearance of new inflammatory processes on your skin and prevent the state of the old ones.
  • Procedures fighting with pimples should not be conducted if there is any inflammation exacerbation or you risk expanding the infection.
  • Do not pop acne by yourself or you risk infection provoking. The infection can lead to cystis formation.
  • Do not dry your skin hard with soap and alcohol-containing tonics. This will intensify the work of oil glands and provoke the appearance of new acne.

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