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Skin Care Must-Haves for Men “Face skin care for men”

Skin Care Must-Haves for Men

While most men take to the simplest of skin care routines, it also pays for them to know some basic natural male face care habits. Knowing these will improve the quality of their skin tenfold while still being simple enough to follow on a regular basis.

Face-Saving Practices

Face skin care for men starts with the two simple face-saving habits, such as:

  • Exfoliating before shaving. A thorough scrubbing of the face will remove any dead skin cells that have accumulated on the pores. Doing so will make for a closer shave and will reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs (which usually happens when regrowth gets trapped by dead skin cells on the surface).
  • Washing the face using the fingertips in a firm, circular motion, as opposed to clawing the face with one’s nails to supposedly get the dirt and grime out (which can lead to scratches and irritated skin)

A Small Assembly of Easy Men Face Care Products

And of course, every man should have the best mens face care products in their bathroom more than just the usual body soap and deodorant. Fear not, for this assembly will not make you high maintenance or feminine. In today’s times, more and more men are recognizing the need for mens face care organic products to keep their skin looking good, such as:

  • A light sunblock: best applied in the morning before heading out, this slows down the appearance of age spots that form because of prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • A clear and hydrating lip balm: keep this in your glove compartment and apply as needed, especially in very harsh weather. There’s nothing macho about severely chapped or bloodied lips, and having a plain lip balm handy scores plus points with the missus who might like to share it with you as well
  • Organic body products: soaps, shampoos and facial wash that come in organic form do as well a job (or even better) as your regular brand sans any chemicals that can cause irritation or excess buildup. Some of these also come in masculine scents, so you can probably consider doing away with fragranced body spritzes.
  • Moisturizing lotions: applied to the hands, body and feet when needed, moisturizing lotions do the job of keeping your skin soft enough to prevent (or heal) cracks and dryness due to exposure or handling of chemical goods or harsh detergents (such as after you clean the car, do the laundry, or give your Labrador retriever a bath).
  • Facial toner: best applied after taking a shower or shaving, facial toners add an antibacterial coating to any nicks and cuts or developing pimples and preps your skin for a layer of sunblock.

These face and body products for men are a good starter to a better skin care routine: five items that will ensure you are well taken care of from head to toe. Always remember – using face and body products is not a frantic move to reverse the signs of ageing or prevent wrinkles and stuff (as many would characterize women to be concerned with), but rather to look good in the present and eliminate the hassles that come with bad skin conditions such as acne, chafed lips, dry skin and more.

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