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Daily Needs of Vitamins and Minerals for Body Needs

Do you know which vitamin is responsible for what process in your organism? How to choose the foods with the biggest amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs? This easy vitamin ABC will help you to make the right choice.

Vitamins and Minerals the Body NeedsTheir FunctionsFood High in Vitamins and Minerals
AResponsible for healthy skin, teeth, strong immune system and perfect visionFound in foods with the carotene pigment: carrots, sweet potatoes and other orange foods. Eggs and spinach also contain it
BBlood sugar stabilizing, metabolism, energy and immune system boosting, absorption of ironPoultry, beef liver, fish, garbanzo beans, bananas and whole grains
CStrengthens blood vessels, provides skin elasticity and anti-oxidant functionIs abundant in sweet red pepper, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, kiwi, grapefruits, oranges and broccoli
CalciumContributes to bones and teeth, boosts muscle functionConsume cottage cheese, yoghurts, leafy greens and cereals
DProtects skin from the sun, strengthen bones, helps to absorb calcium, and reduces inflammationMackerel, salmon and swordfish are rich in it. Also consume milk, cereals, mushrooms and eggs
EThis anti-oxidant protects cells from free radicals, helps to have healthy blood vessels and clottingCan be found in almonds, other nuts and sunflower seeds
FolatePrevents birth defectsDiary, dark leafy green veggies, spinach, asparagus, beef liver
IronTransportation of oxygen Poultry, fish, red meat, pumpkin seeds and beans
KBlood clottingSpinach, collard greens, broccoli, kale
LycopeneAnti-oxidant that is believed to fight heart diseases and even several types of cancerTomatoes and red fruits, watermelons
MagnesiumSteadiness of heart rhythm, nerve and muscle functioningWheat bran, spinach, almonds
NiacinSimilarly to vitamin B converts food into energyDried yeast, peanuts, chicken and beef liver
Omega-3 fatty acidsEnhance brain health and reduce inflammationVegetable oil, seeds, nuts, tuna
PotassiumBreaks carbohydrates into energy, controls the electrical activity of heart and builds musclesBeet greens, sweet potato, chicken, fish
RiboflavinContributes into disease fighting and red cell producingBeef liver and fortified cereals
SeleniumPrevents chronic diseases, but do not consume it in large amountsBrazil nuts, canned tuna
ZincBoosts the immune systemOysters, poultry, red meat and dark chocolate

Diet to get All Vitamins and Minerals

Healthy nutrition is impossible without vitamin- and mineral-rich food. Consume fresh green vegetables and green fruits in abundance during summer in order to fill your organism with vitamins A, C, K, Folate, Licopene, Niacin and Pottasium. Address your dietician and he will advise you where to get them during the cold season. Do not forget to arm with proteins (fish, eggs, dairy products etc) after long winter months. Switzerland products offer a great variety of vitamin complexes that will help you to stay healthy and beautiful. All vitamin complexes from Vivasan are developed from natural products. Do not forget that beauty starts from the inside.

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