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Curry Dressing: Its Useful Qualities

Curry is a bright and sunny dressing with rich aroma. It is loved for the richness of taste and curing effects. This prominent Indian dressing has got spices that are famous for their magic effect on the human’s health:

  • Tumeric is an efficient anti-oxidant.
  • Fenugrec provides non-inflammatory action
  • Coriander has a salutary effect on the digestive system.

There is no one receipt of a mixture. 25 components can be included in curry depending on a country and region. The British have discovered this spice to the Europeans. They have brought it from India. Curry gives a beautiful orange shade to the dishes. It is added to the dishes from meat, soups and vegetable stew. Europeans use curry in the powder form, but Indians cook it from fresh ingredients right before cooking of the dish. This spice is added in various rice sauces. The substance can be red, green and yellow. The colour of curry is dependent of the components. For example, red curry features more of cayenne pepper that is why the spice will be more peppery.

In statistics, curry is the most popular spice in the world. The specialists state that it possessed a range of useful characteristics. According to them, it can slower the aging, takes off inflammation processes in the organism, cleans the blood and liver, contributes into better blood coagulability and lessens aerogenesis. The risk of cancers can be decreased due to consuming of this spice. Ayurvedic medicine uses curry in the form of effective fever-reducing remedy. The spice is very useful for women, as it is rich in vitamin E and folic acid. Regular consuming of this spice helps to strengthen the hair and weight loss.

There is some good news for the admirers of eastern cuisine. Vivasan product line offers green and red curry now! The piquant spice will become a zest of your fine cuisine. Dry spice Green curry with fennel differs with moderate fineness. It is best suited for meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It’s also perfect for spicy dip-sauces and garnishing. Dry spice Red curry with paprika and cayenne pepper will be loved by those who are fond of spicy dishes. In order to get the whole taste of curry, fry the spice during 10-15 seconds on the pan before adding into the dish.

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