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CC-cream as a Base for Make-Up

Every woman has tried a quite few cosmetic products largely introduced to the market in search for a good foundation. However, we do not always receive the expected result from the decorative cosmetics. We wish we could approach the perfection of the divas on the covers of glossy magazines. There is a solution! If you have not heard about natural foundation CC, we advise you to read this article.

What is the CC-cream?

At first let us recollect what is BB-cream. Blemish Balm is its full name. Variations like blemish base, beauty balm and beauty benefit are possible. To make it easier, it is a healing and concealing foundation. Millions of women prefer this type of cosmetics for its multi-functionality. One proper BB-cream can be used instead of 7 products at once: as a moistening, tinting and sun-screening product; as an anti-acne cream and primer with matte or skin vibrancy effect; as a concealer; as facial rejuvenation cream that offers wrinkle fighting and enhancing of skin elasticity and plasticity. It is no surprise that women cheered this offer that allows saving them money and place in their make-up bags.

So, what is the CC-cream?  It is an enhanced version of the BB-cream. CC stands for Colour Control or Complete Correction.

The Advantages of CC-cream

  • CC-cream contains a smaller amount of essential oils. Thankfully to this it differs with a very airy texture and is positioned as a light moistening foundation
  • It enhances visual appearance through flattening skin’s tone and relief
  • The product is appropriate for applying on the eye zone both for treatment and masking
  • CC-cream provides both skin vibrancy and matting effect of the T-zone
  • The percent of anti-aging, moistening and other useful components was increased
  • It has a high SPF (from 10 to 30)
  • This face cream gained an enhanced ability to adjust to skin tone (the colour range includes 2 or three shades)

Natural CC-creams: Viva Beauty CC-cream from Vivasan

Viva Beauty contains Pancratium maritimum extract and vitamin E. This kind of CC-creams from Vivasan perfectly hides all the skin imperfections and gives a healthy appearance. Light texture of the product provides a wonderful matte skin effect. Viva Beauty has got a high SPF (30). It is appropriate to use this cream in the delicate eye zone. Viva Beauty nourishes this zone and reduces wrinkles around your eyes. The cream can be applied separately and as a foundation primer. The product is perfect for make-up correction during the course of the day.

Natural Make-Up with the CC-cream

  • If you have normal skin type, apply the CC-cream on the cleansed face. If your skin is of sensitive and combination type, it is better to apply the CC-cream as a base for matting foundation or to mix them together. If your skin is dry, it is recommended to mix the CC-cream with your moistening cream
  • Use only natural shades for nude look make-up. Apply light eye-shades suitable for your skin colour on the upper eyelid.
  • Give proper form to your eye-brows with the help of a brown brow liner (in case you are a raven-head, use a black brow liner) and a brush. Then use a fixing brow gel.
  • Apply your mascara. Nude look make-up does not suggest black mascara use for women with fair hair. Choose dark brown or dark grey patterns.
  • Lips must have natural outlook. Use lipstick of a natural hue or a clear lip-gloss.

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