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Viva Derm care line

Viva Derm care line

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Vivaderm cream

Vivaderm cream

Vivaderm cream This delicate hypoallergenic cream with urea has been developed especially for th..


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Vivaderm shower foam

Vivaderm shower foam

Shower foam Vivaderm  The exclusive hypoallergenic shower foam is formulated to make even the m..


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Viva derm care line

The Vivaderm Skin Care Line: A Hands-On Approach to Addressing Dry and Sensitive Skin
While most people are okay with using normal lotions, some require just a little bit more – especially those who have dry skin or have sensitive skin concerns. What you need to do is to switch out your old products and make the “skinvestment” in the form of body care products Vivaderm Vivasan. This extra- special line is made especially for those who need more than simple moisturization and require healing and skin calming benefits from their body products.

Body care products Vivaderm Vivasan

Packed With Ingredients That Care
The Vivaderm Care Line is designed to be a three product approach in addressing your dry and sensitive skin issues. Enriched with Macadamia, Shea Butter and vitamins, using these three products regularly and in this order will deliver a significant improvement of your dry and sensitive skin concerns and woes:

  1. Start off with the Vivaderm Shower Foam. Some shower gels and foams actually strip your skin of moisture, thus worsening your condition. The Vivaderm Shower Foam is formulated to cleanse your skin while still letting it retain its natural softness. The hypoallergenic formula makes it a good option for any member of your family, as it is gentle enough for regular use. An extra dose of moisturization is added thanks to extracts of Mahonia, Allantion and Vitamin B5. It even works as a make-up remover!
  2. Apply the Vivaderm Body Lotion. Lock in the moisture and make it even more long-lasting by following up your shower with the Vivaderm Body Lotion. The Macadamia, Shea Butter, Urea, and Vitamins E, C and B5 work together to penetrate the skin and care for it from deep within. The light texture is easily absorbed and leaves no residue. Its dermal membrane system has a lamellar structure similar to that of our skin, which makes it an all-natural complement to your own body’s natural moisture production. If there’s one thing you should invest in for your skin, it definitely ought to be this body care product Vivaderm online exclusive.
  3. Follow up with the Vivaderm Cream for even more protection and healing. Finally, target areas of special concern with the Vivaderm cream. Like the other two products in this line, it is also hypoallergenic and delivers skin hydrating goodness without any greasy texture. You will marvel at how soft and silky your sensitive skin can actually be once you start using this product, as it heals and repairs dry and damaged skin over time. This is also an all-over product that can be used on the face and body, and can also be relied on to address dry and sensitive skin concerns of children.

Light on the skin, penetrates deeply and works to provide hydration and repair damage… what more can you ask for? The Vivaderm line is an easy, effective and simple way of keeping dry and sensitive skin concerns at bay using as few products as possible. If a streamlined boudoir of three simple skin products is also quite appealing to you, then this line is definitely something you should have.

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