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Tea Tree oil skin care

Tea Tree oil skin care

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Tea Tree cream

Tea Tree cream

Tea Tree cream Multipurpose cream with natural essential oils of Tea Tree, Manuka, Kanuka and Lavend..

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil A very famous oil, spicy-herbal fragrance. Exceptional effective. Vivasan Ess..

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Tea Tree Oil Skin Care

Skin Healing and Protection with Tea Tree Oil
Lauded as a very useful, all-around essential oil, Tea tree oil is a very popular must-have ingredient for skin and body products to nix flare ups, bumps and other allergies and eczemas. Tea tree oil skin care also need not be complicated; you only need to have a few products on hand to ensure that you are totally covered. And this Vivasan understands, as evidenced by three tea tree care natural products that are guaranteed to be mainstays in your home and skin routine:

Tea Tree Care Natural Products 

Tea Tree Cream: A Multi-Use Must-Have
Always a favorite in everybody’s cart when shopping for tea tree care products online, the Vivasan Tea Tree Cream is a great product to have on hand for times when your skin refuses to cooperate. Whether the problem is an oil slick or a barrage of pimples and flare-ups, the Vivasan Tea Tree Cream will always come to the rescue. The antibacterial property of tea tree oil targets pores and rids it of infection and bacterial accumulation, resulting in faster skin healing and subsiding of pimples. Manuka, Kanuka and Lavender essential oils that promote healing and calming effects compliment its main ingredient. This Tea Tree Cream works well for your face and body, wherever the need for antiseptic care arises.

Tea Tree Tonic: Your New Favorite Toner
After washing your face with your favorite skin cleanser, tone up with the Vivasan Tea Tree Tonic. Rich in Tea Tree oil, Manuka and Rosaline, its purifying and antibacterial properties make skin clearer and healthier when used regularly. Apply it on a cotton pad and swipe it on your face for deep cleansing and to get rid of dirt and other dead skin cells that managed to escape the skin-washing part of your routine. It also balances facial oil production, making for softer and smoother skin with less shine.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: The Answer to Holistic Care
The unmistakably spicy and herbal scent of Tea Tree Essential Oil ultimately makes anyone imagine it to be a great product to use for massages, but its utility does not stop there. The Vivasan Tea Tree Essential Oil is also a solid base that you can mix with other essential oils like Rosewood, Thyme, Lemon and more to make an aromatherapy product that promotes healing and restores your sense of calm. Dab a little of it to a particularly stubborn zit and watch it gradually shrink away to nothingness after several days of use. It can even be used as an antibacterial agent when added to your bath water (a surefire way to deliver its antibacterial properties all over your body while in the tub) or your cleaning rag for wiping surfaces and other items (to rid them of any germs or viruses). This essential oil is in its purest and cleanest form, in 100% water vapor distillate, having gone through a double process in Australia and a final processing in Swiss laboratories before being bottled up and delivered right to your doorstep.

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