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Mouth care products

Mouth care products

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Grapefruit seed extract GSE

Grapefruit seed extract GSE

Grapefruit seed extract organic Grapefruit seed extract organic – a new and unique natural complex..

Mouthwash elixir

Mouthwash elixir

Wash mouth elixir Mouth rinsing elixir with a mix of essential oils: Orange, Mint, Lavender, Carnat..

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Special Care Products for the Mouth, Eyes and Nose

Sensory Care That You Deserve …

Mouth care products

Is what you get when you invest in nose, eye and mouth care products from Vivasan and ears care products online in Vivasan. And shouldn’t you, as your senses give you the best experience of the world? Now, you can take a more active role in caring for them with this host of all-natural solutions meant for daily use:

Mouth Care Products for the Freshest Breath and Brightest Smile:

  • Brush with the best. Dental care is best done in the safest way by using the 4 Fold Toothpaste – a natural white toothpaste that tastes great and nixes germs and bacteria from your mouth. Nothing but the best goes into this product, which includes essentials oils of Mint, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Thyme, Carnation Tea Tree, Mastic, Kanuka and Manuka.
  • A No-Brush Alternative. When you are pressed for time and but need to have fresh breath, bring with you a bottle of the Vivasan Mouthwash Elixir. The fresh taste comes from a combination of Mint, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Thyme, Carnation Tea Tree, Mastic, Kanuka and Manuka. Together, they deliver the freshest breath while enacting the best oral cavity care!
  • Mouthwash and MORE. Extend the utility of your health and body products with the Vivasan Grapefruit Seed Extract. Its main property is dispensing antibacterial goodness (fights more than 800 strains!) wherever it goes: as a mouthwash, a food disinfectant or a potent ingredient in many other things. As it is of vegetable origin, you can bet it’s also non-toxic.

Eye care products online in Vivasan

Sterilize With Sprays

  • Eye lovin’ eye care products online in Vivasan is where it’s at. Give your eyes the attention they deserve by giving them a good cleaning with the Vivasan Spray for Eyelids. Made with the Edelweiss extract, Vitamins A and E and soy lecithin, this gentle yet anti-microbial spray cleanses your delicate mucous membranes sans sting. Spray once on each eyelid and wipe with a clean tissue to keep bacteria and other viruses from taking residence on your peepers.
  • Sniff out dryness with the Vivasan Lotion Spray for Nose. Whether you are suffering from a bout of uncontrollable sneezes or feeling like your nose is drier than the desert, you will be grateful for having the Vivasan Lotion Spray for Nose around. This all-natural spray uses spring water as its base. Mix in some Alpine edelweiss, Sage and Peppermint and voila – you have the gentlest nose product that moisturizes and soothes dry mucous membranes.
  • Say goodbye to itchy throats with the Vivasan Spray for Throat. The goodness of Mint, Sage and Edelweiss extract all work together to get the itch out from your throat and prevent it from developing into something worse. This is a fantastic preventive product that you should immediately apply even at the slightest tickle. Alcohol free and parabens free, it’s safe for you to use on a daily basis! Now that’s a much better option that your run of the mill lozenges and gargle solutions!

Ears care products online in Vivasan

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