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Calendula line skin care

Calendula line skin care

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Calendula body lotion

Calendula body lotion

Calendula body lotion Exclusive body care lotion with natural Calendula extract, Sunflower oil, Almo..

Calendula cream extra rich

Calendula cream extra rich

Organic calendula creamOrganic calendula cream with natural Marigold extract, Sweet Almond oil, Bees..

Calendula deo-cream

Calendula deo-cream

Organic calendula cream Formulated with natural Calendula extract and Almond oil for normal and sens..

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Calendula cream

Calendula Care Like No Other

When body products need to be of the gentler variety, the best option to try are those from a Calendula Care Line. More than just a pretty floral centerpiece, Calendula is rich in nutrients that protect and nourish the skin – making it an ideal natural ingredient in a variety of skin and body products. Having said that, here are some top pick, all natural and paraben-free Calendula skin care products in Vivasan’s lineup:

Top Body Product: Body Care Lotion With Calendula

Vivasan has formulated an all-natural body pampering treat in the form of the Vivasan Calendula Body Lotion. Apart from Calendula, this exclusive formulation also includes organic extracts of Sunflower oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Beeswax – all great sources of nourishing moisturization for the skin. This refreshing lotion can be used by all skin types – sensitive, dry or normal – because of its safe, hypoallergenic and gentle formulation. Make it a part of your everyday routine by applying a light coating in the morning to keep you hydrated during the day, and a generous application come night time for some deep, overnight replenishment.

Top Multitasking Product: Calendula Cream Extra Rich

If you love calendula on your face and body, then you will love the Calendula Cream Extra Rich. This sweet-smelling hard worker can be used on the face and the body, a convenience that you will surely appreciate. What’s more, its extra rich formulation will make it your best skin- saver on months when your skin feels particularly dry or parched. Use it several times a week on your face in lieu of a facial mask and wake up to a plump, bright and moisturized face. Target dry spots, elbows and knees and watch these areas gradually become smoother over a period of weeks with continued use of the Calendula Cream Extra Rich. Infused with natural Marigold extract, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax and Allantoin, the Calendula Cream Extra Rich contains nothing but all-natural goodness that is especially amazing at targeting dry and damaged skin. This is also a fantastic product to use for skin recovery or for stretch mark prevention or minimization!

Top Deodorizing Product: Calendula Deo-Cream

Say goodbye to your old, chemical-filled deodorant and turn over a new leaf with the Calendula Deo-Cream. Formulated with organic Calendula extract as well a Almond oil, this all-natural deodorant delivers twenty-four hour freshness for both normal and sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation also makes it a hypoallergenic one, making it safe for all skin types. With no alcohol and parabens, you can be sure that your underarms smell good and stay nourished all day, everyday. The quick absorbent formulation makes it a grab and go product, too; swipe on and within seconds you can already dress up without worrying about the formula transferring onto your clothes. As an added bonus, the Calendula Deo-Cream also has healing properties that gently soothe and repair damaged and stressed-out underarm skin that’s been exposed to harsh ingredients and has experienced darkening due to shaving.

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