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Best Mascara for Gorgeous Eyelashes

Cosmetic arsenal of every woman contains Volume Mascara. And it is no mere chance! Long, thick eyelashes give you speaking outlook and underline the beauty of eyes.  Mascara is called a “little black dress” in the world of cosmetics: it looks gorgeously, adds mysteriousness and creates style.

Facial Natural Cosmetics

Search for the perfect mascara is usually done by cut and try method. It is essential for mascara not only to give beauty, but also to be safe. That is why lots of women chose natural cosmetic. It consists of natural and organic substances only, does not contain harmful admixtures, sulfates, parabens and fragrance components. Such kind of cosmetics is perfect for sensitive skin.

Natural Mascara

Natural Mascara is a finding for those who suffer from cosmetic hypersensitivity and for those who cares about their health and prefers organic make up.

How to choose natural mascara of high quality:

  • it should contain 100% natural coloring substances and biopolymers;
  • the mascara is hypoallergic and does not contain parabens and other preservatives;
  • it lies smoothly, without clumps and sticking together when applied;
  • the mascara does not smudge, crumble and does not dry eyelashes hard.
  • it nourishes and protects eyelashes;
  • it is easily cleaned away with the help of makeup remover.

Natural mascara can be prepared at home. Take 2 tablets of absorbent carbon, mix them with several drops of aloe juice or gel. Apply the substance with the help of your old mascara brush. If you are interested in the best organic make up for eyes, pay your attention at Vivasan Locherber Mascara Volume Lashes. This mascara (extreme black) creates a perfect effect of semi permanent eye lashes. Your look will enchant with its deepness and your eyelashes will stay healthy and protected thankfully to an innovative formula with caring substances. Locherber from Vivasan is cosmetics without parabens. The mascara does not smudge, crumble and differs with irreproachable resistance.

Natural make up for eyes includes special care products. Typically, they are various colourless gels with medical herb and essential oil extracts. The gels are applied overnight for strengthening and growth stimulation of the eyelashes.

A Splendid Make Up Made at Home

  • For professional make up, apply the base to even out your eyelids. Make up foundation, a special base for eye-shadows or facial powder can serve well. The base allows creating a durable make up.
  • Accent your eyes with the help of eyeliner and shadows. For popular “Smoky Eyes” make up, use soft eyeliner. Draw a line on the upper eyelid according to height of eyelashes and thoroughly stump it.
  • Apply two-colour fluffy eye shadows of smoky hue: the light ones should go in the inner eye corner and the dark ones – in the outer eye corner. Make stumping with the help of a brush or cosmetic puff creating a smooth transition between these two hues.
  • Underline the lower eyelid with dark shadows and apply Lengthening Mascara.
  • The golden rule of make up has it that there should be only one bright accent on the face. It can underline either lips or eyes. Chose lipstick of natural hues or a colourless lip gloss for “Smoky Eyes” make up.

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