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Be Careful, Migraine!

Migraine takes one of the leading places among the headache reasons (almost 20% of adults suffer from it). Headache during migraine has a pulsating character. As a rule it is located in one place, but it also can change the location from one assault to another. Headache, sickness and vomit that do not bring relief are the symptoms of migraine. There also can be other characteristics, such as: numbing, vision problems, weakness of limbs, noise and light intolerance. These symptoms are the forerunners of a strong headache. Usually migrainous attacks appear at the age of 20-30 and go away after the age of 50.

Migraine: Causes of Occurrence

You need to find out the causes of the disease in order to know how to cure a headache.

  • Cerebral blood supply breakdown or nervous system central part disorder
  • High or low arterial tension
  • Hormonal state change
  • Frequent stresses and overwork
  • Intensive mental performance
  • Hereditary background

People who suffer from migraine often feel a strong attack because of the influence of the next factors.

  • Sleep deficit or abundance
  • Acute exercises
  • Staying in a stuffy or stinking of cigarettes room
  • Nerve-strain
  • Dehydration
  • Hormonal contraceptive intake
  • During PMS

Help During Migraine

Frequent headache bothers you and you are trying to figure out how to get rid of migraine? Migraine prophylaxis includes general strengthening measures, a diet, medication intake and organization of healthy lifestyle.

What medication for migraine should be taken? Neuropathologist prescribes medicines, doses and regimen. Usually such medications are taken during migraine: Belloidum, Redergin, Desyrel, Anaprilinum, Atenolol, Amitriptylinum and Asaphen.
Vivasan Glikolin ginkgo biloba migraine remedy is recommended for maintenance therapy and prophylaxis. It is an effective nutritional supplement containing extract of ginkgo biloba and vitamin C. The preparation improves brain blood supply, helps to reduce stress and insomnia. Besides, it has a beneficent influence on the vessels of people suffering from diabetes.

What should be nutrition during migraine? Migraine attack can be provoked by alcohol. In particular, it is referred to champagne, beer and red wine. Cheese, cottage cheese, chocolate, citrus fruit, nuts, fat dairy products and sausage products fall under the group of high risk.

Healthy Lifestyle and Migraine Prevention

Healthy lifestyle significantly decreases the amount of migraine attacks (to 2-3 attacks per year). Regular work outs, avoidance of oversleep or sleep deprivation and keeping the air in a room clean are obligatory. Avoid physical and mental strains. Remember that gulped down rage and restrained aggression provoke migraine attacks.

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