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Volume: 200 ml
Country: Switzerland

Argan oil Shampoo

Special Argan oil shampoo is an incredibly rich source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Moroccan argan oil shampoo

Special moroccan argan oil shampoo is an incredibly rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. Moroccan argan oil shampooThe unique properties of natural hair care products allow instantly penetrate the hair shaft restoring softness. Helps to lock in moisture and shine, nourish and repair, leaving the hair feeling health, frizz-free and silky smooth. Absorbs instantly leaving no oily residue. Suitable for all hair types. Free from sodium lauryl sulphate.

With natural Moroccan argan oil

Argan oil Shampoo by Vivasan is a gentle, sulphate free daily cleansing formula with a high content of the  precious Moroccan argan oil which helps to instantly penetrate the hair shaft restoring shine and softness. Argan oil shampoo has a high argan oil content, refresh your hair with natural ingredients and provides intensive smoothing and long-lasting shine.

Argana shampoo Vivasan soothes the scalp, penetrates deeply and moisturizes the hair. The shampoo nourishes the hair and provides long-lasting care, for hair that comes alive with a fresh look and suppleness.

Organic moroccan argan oil shampoo

Does not contain derivatives of animal origin - Product not tested on animals - Dermatologically tested - Does not contain added metals - Does not contain colourings or synthetic origins - GMO free - Alcohol free - PARABEN-FREE - GMP certified

Direction for use:

Apply a small amount on your hair and gently massage into the scalp. Rinse with water.


Avoid contact with eyes. Always read the label. Keep out of reach of children.

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I love organic products very much and I'm happy I found this website. Now my hair is softer than it's been in a very long time, it leaves the hair shiny and manageable. This is definitely 5 stars.

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Very good shampoo! Using all the time!

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