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Argan Oil: Why It’s Bound to Be Your New HG (Holy Grail) Product

Argan oil cream

Chances are, you’ve heard of the new ‘liquid gold’ sensation that is trimming many a beauty boudoir around the globe: Argan oil. This miracle oil product really is a potent potion that addresses so many beauty concerns from top to toe. But first, the basics. Natural Argan oil is an organic oil that originates from Morocco. Off the bat, its main superstars include vitamin E and fatty acids. The properties in natural Argan oil are especially beneficial to the hair and skin. Here are eight convincing reasons why you should go out and get some for yourself after reading this article:

  1. Skin moisturizer. Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin, is non-irritating and does not leave you with a greasy feeling afterwards. Skin is hydrated and supple even hours after its application. It also works as a great hydrator for your neck, a body part that in later years tends to look wrinkly and stretched due to a lack of moisturization.
  2. Hair conditioning treat. Natural Argan oil can make hair feel silky soft and look shiny even with just a very small application. Use it as a leave-on product to tame frizzy hair, comb it through your curls for softer cascading waves and apply the sheerest of applications on fine hair for a healthy shine.
  3. Dry skin relief. Dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions can experience relief with a religious application of natural Argan oil. Its fatty acids and vitamin E help repair the skin and the nutrients found in it puts a halt to irritation and dryness.
  4. Acne banisher. While oils applied to the face usually aggravate acne, the opposite is true for natural Argan oil. Argan oil promotes skin healing and its non-greasy nature balances the skin by providing much-needed moisture, thus putting a stop to your body’s oil-producing glands. Again, the antioxidants found in Argan oil help reduce inflammation, promoting healing of acne.
  5. Healing and protecting balm. Skin that is sore or has been burned need to heal, and Argan oil can speed up the rate of healing. It reduces inflammation, soothes the pain and adds a protective barrier between the damaged skin and the elements.
  6. Stretch mark preventer and reducer. Applying Argan oil before and after giving birth can do a lot to reduce the appearance of stretch marks because of the added elasticity to the skin area which means less sagging and stretching.
  7. Nail strengthener and restorer. Keep ridged, brittle and yellowing nails at bay by rubbing Argan oil on your fingernails and toenails and the cuticles overnight every two weeks. If your nails already look damaged, you will see it restored to perfect health in a matter of weeks with continued use.
  8. Lip saver. Cracked, dry or sore lips can be saved with the help of Argan oil, especially if you are in cool and dry weather. Rubbing 1-2 drops into your lips is a great replacement for a balm, and its moisturizing effect makes it a great primer for your lipstick.

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