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5 Fantastic Tips for Kiss-Worthy Lips

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Did you know that people you converse with actually spend a lot of time looking at your lips than you realize? With that in mind, it might be time for a quick assessment of the state of your pucker. If you think it is time to be more proactive about your lips and make them appear sexier, heed these five fantastic (and incredibly easy) tips that will put it in its best state ever.

1. Pack a Good Moisture Punch. The key to kiss-worthy lips is hydration. Moisturized lips are plumper, softer and look really tempting to bite. While it doesn’t involve drinking copious amounts of water, it does involve making a habit out of applying moisturizing products on your lips – especially ones that are infused with natural argan oil. Natural argan oil is a great all-around body product, but it is also especially beneficial to one’s lips. Select a product with natural argan oil and apply it on your kisser whenever you want! It does not have to be tinted – even the colorless ones are great especially on days when you need to make a quick trip to the grocery and have no need to dress up your lips.

2. Scrub a Dub For a Prettier Pout. Apart from investing in a lip product with natural argan oil, try a sugar scrub every two weeks! Doing so will remove any flaky skin resulting from stress, a cold but dry weather or basic neglect due to a busy schedule. Mix a teaspoon of fine sugar granules into several drops of natural argan oil to make a soft paste that you can scrub onto your lips. Pause every so often to check that you are not overdoing it and just stop when you have removed all the flaky skin. Rinse well and apply a thin layer of oil before going to bed to further lock in the moisture and wake up to the softest kissers in town!

3. Bite Down on ‘Em. Want sexy lips in a pinch but you don’t have your lipstick with you? Try this secret trick! Bite down on your lips gently to make the blood rush to it. It will turn your lips a deeper shade of pink and make it look more inviting to look at! This is a handy tip to keep in mind when you want to draw more attention to your lips (on a date, perhaps – or when you are about to run into your crush at the mall) and you don’t have time to rush to the bathroom and apply your lipstick.

4. More Than a Kitchen Essential. If you know you are not going to be doing any kissing, another quick plump-lips-in-a-pinch trick is to lightly rub a bit of cayenne pepper onto your kissers – but not too much! Just a little will give a bit of a sting that will make it look redder and just a wee bit plumper.

5. Modify Your Lip Product Application. And finally, for lips that take center stage do this simple but effective trick: After applying your favorite lipstick or lip gloss, dot the center of your lower lips with a high shine or shimmer lip product that will sparkle when it catches light. This will give the illusion of bigger, glossier lips for those fancy nights out.

Making your kisser look sexy need not entail an injectable solution or even a lip augmentation procedure. All it takes is some good natural products and some top secret tips that will make them look good in an instant!


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