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What Peptides Are?

Peptides are kind of proteins that are responsible for multiple processes in our organism. They help to regenerate cells, and in the result, our organism starts producing a sufficient quantity of proteins and regenerate functions of different organs. Speaking about skin, peptides also play an important role. The producing of collagen decreases with aging. In the result skin loses elasticity and wrinkles appear. Use of cosmetic products based on peptides allows increase collagen and elastin synthesis. This helps to slow down the processes of aging. Skin becomes moistened and smooth, the depth of wrinkles decreases. That is why peptides are the key component of anti- aging cosmetics. They allow postponing dates of radical cosmetic procedures, such as botox injections or even surgeries.

“Green Caviar” line was developed by Vivasan specialists. This is an innovated anti-aging care of facial skin based on the algae essence called “green caviar” and green stem cells combination.

  • Active components: Caulerpa seaweed, prickly pear steam cells, hydrolyzed rice protein, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, jojoba oil, vitamin C.
  • Action: stimulation of collagen production, regenerating of epidermis density, an alternative to botox, protection from free radicals.
  • Effect: expression lines smoothening, skin rejuvenation.

“Himalayan Diamond” line was developed by specialists at Vivasan for preventing skin premature aging, regenerating its vitality and beauty. The line possesses anti-aging properties thankfully to the essence of highly-valued Cordyceps sinensis.

  • Active components: the essence of Cordyceps sinensis, coffee tree stem cells, vitamin E, rape oil, the essence of evodia fruits.
  • Action: Collagen production, regeneration of extracellular matrix, protection from free radicals, botox alternative, prevents photoinduced rhytides.
  • Effect: smoothening contours of expression wrinkles along with the wrinkles around eyes, lessens senile pigmentation, rejuvenation, regeneration and skin density increase.

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