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Use Juniper For a Healthier and Happier You

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When you say ‘juniper’, most people think of it as a fragrant ingredient in many colognes and perfumes. But apart from smelling great, juniper – when in oil or cream form – can answer many skin and body conditions and problems just as well as any other plant. If you looked past a cream with juniper oil or a bottle of juniper essential oil at your local apothecary in favor of other options, it might be time to do a double take once you learn how great this plant is.

A Bevy of Uses Jiniper cream

Here are some of the many uses of juniper essential oil for home and personal use:

  • Cleansing Agent: Keeping a jar of cream with juniper oil in your cabinet is handy for times when you need a natural antiseptic for small wounds and cuts.
  • Cramp Killer: If you suffer from muscular, respiratory or intestinal cramps, a cream with juniper oil can help relax the affected area when applied topically.
  • Natural Diuretic: Juniper oil helps promote urination, so it is a good oil to have on hand if you suffer from chronic or even minor renal failure as it helps to flush out excess water from the body.
  • Red-Face Remover: Reddening of the face due to rubefacient agents can easily be solved with a cream with juniper oil. Simply rub it on the reddened area and the swelling and irritation will go down because juniper encourages blood circulation.
  • Toxin Cleanser: If you don’t sweat enough, you retain a lot of salts, toxins and waters that will be harmful to your body in the long run. Juniper essential oil is also a sudorific substance, which means it encourages perspiration and sweating to draw out those toxins, salts and waters. It will make you feel lighter and even make skin look better as pores open up in the process, clearing oil glands and preventing pimples from forming.
  • Super Stimulant: Juniper essential oil can help activate certain functions of the body when you feel dizzy, tired or even depressed. When you feel any of the three, using juniper oil can activate brain and neural activity to help fight these unwanted sensations and feelings.
  • Natural Galactagogue: Mothers who need a gentle push in milk production can also benefit from the galactagogue property in juniper oil. As mentioned earlier, it is a stimulant, and this stimulating property also extends to the milk glands.
  • Stomach Calmer: Stomach functioning is kept balanced with the help of juniper oil. If you have ulcers or experience pain due to stomach gas, juniper essential oil can help soothe your digestive system and keep the proper amount of bile secretion in the stomach, which will help prevent ulcer.
  • Skin saver: Juniper is also a great skin and beauty agent. Most skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, acne and the like can be addressed with the topical application of juniper. With its combined antiseptic and soothing properties, these skin conditions can be eradicated or kept to a minimum.
Clearly, one can see that keeping a bottle of juniper essential oil handy will prove to be a good buy. This “jack of all trades” wonder oil can even possibly render some of your previous go-to medicines and potions useless, once you experience how well it works in a variety of situations! Always ask an advice from specialist before use.

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