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How to Upgrade Your Sauna Experience

How to Upgrade Your Sauna Experience

When the opportunity to have a sauna experience presents itself, you know you got to say yes to it. Being able to use a sauna is more than just a way to relax and have a short break from the stressors of daily life. It is also a fantastic way of drawing toxins out from your body, so you actually emerge from a hot and steamy sauna healthier than before! Here are some simple tips you can try to make the sauna experience a whole lot more luxurious and less ordinary:

  1. Add some oomph to the air with natural essential oils. The fastest way to make your sauna seem like an experience for the privileged is to add some natural essential oils UK to the steam for an aromatherapy-like quality to the experience. Simply decant a little of your favorite essential oils into a spray bottle and bring it with you to the sauna. Once inside, occasionally spray a few squirts at a time. Allow the oils to mix in with the vapors and inhale deeply to bring that relaxing goodness straight through your body. Stay in the sauna for as long as you need in order to bring out the toxins from your body and feel utterly relaxed.
  2. Use pure essential oils UK on robes and towels. Stepping out of the shower soon? Don’t forget to spray some of the remaining essential oils on your towels and robes. This will ensure that the scent and relaxing feeling will stay with you on the next stage of your sauna experience. Furthermore, as you pat yourself dry you spread the essential oils all over your body, thus adding to its moisture and suppleness.
  3. Take soothing beverages and stay in a warm, dimly lit room. After you have your sauna, pause for a while before you shower and revel in the relaxing state you are in. Sip warm tea infused with chamomile or lavender, and unwind in the soothing dimness of the room. This is the perfect time to just be still and refocus, especially after a stressful day.
  4. Take a long, soothing bath with aromatherapy scrub. Showering after a sauna is a must to seal the pores, but do take advantage of the time to also engage in a lovely exfoliating scrub. Mix a teaspoon or two of essential oils online UK to your body scrub and work the product all over your body. Rinse and dry yourself, and dress in your most luxurious sleepwear to up the indulgence ante.
  5. And finally, don’t forget to work some moisturizing cream or oil all over your body before going to bed.

This will ensure that you wake up smelling and feeling great, with skin that is so soft to the touch! Keep the aromatherapy factor going on until you drift off to la-la land by rubbing soothing essential oils on your pulse points (wrists, behind the ears and temples) before you finally hit the sack. 
These are all the steps needed to turn what was once a mere sauna into a relaxing treat that’s one for the books!

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