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Two plants helping to soften the sunburn

Most of ladies do not count on their skin capacities and get sunburns. Red and came off skin looks non-aesthetic. Besides, pain causes a lot of discomfort. You can save yourself with the help of natural remedies and available medications in case there are no big blisters on the skin, but just reddening. In case your skin is damaged, immediately turn to the doctor! It’s essential to cool down the burn in the first several hours. Take cool shower or bath. If needed, repeat the procedure in the course of the day. Cooling down lets lowering the temperature of skin, lessen the burning and inflammation. You can make cold compresses with the help of moist towel as well. To enhance the effect, you can do a compress with the green tea. Green tea contains tanning agents that bring into skin’s healing.

Aromatherapy is able to help with the consequences of sunburns. The molecules of essential oils differ with small size and that is why they penetrate into the skin very easy. Therefore, they have a significant curing effect:

  • Oil of Laveder. It’s one of the best remedies from sunburns. Thankfully to it skin heals quickly and without scars. In case you have light sunburn, grease the suffering place with undiluted oil of lavender. In case you have more serious damages, add several drops of lavender oil into the water and carefully moisture skin. It’s essential to use quality oil of high cleaning stage, for example, Vivasan Lavender Oil.
  • Oil of Calendula. It has an intensive anti-inflammatory action thankfully to the presence of fatty acids, tanning agents, phytocides and vitamin C. Oil of calendula is perfect for skin calming down, softening and cells’ regenerating. Vivasan Calendula cream has also proven to be a remedy from sunburns. Rich cream’s formula perfectly calms down and regenerates skin. It also prevents the appearance of scars.

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