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Top to Toe Skin Moisture Tricks with Jojoba Cream

Moisture Skin

If you are tired of the multi-product approach to caring for your skin and would like to streamline your routine to make it faster yet still effective, then you may want to switch to using jojoba cream. Popularly known for being a very good moisturiser for dry skin, the benefits of using jojoba cream is actually best for all skin types; it all depends on where and how much of it to use.

Jojoba’s Lasting Nourishment

You are probably asking yourself what it is about Jojoba cream that makes it so popular. Basically, natural jojoba oil contains amazing properties that work to regenerate dry skin. It smoothens and softens it thanks to the provitamin B5 hydrate, and the addition of natural beeswax in some jojoba cream-based products also provide a protective factor that also helps to restore the body’s natural oils. It also has allantoin and vitamin E, two natural ingredients that help slow down skin aging.

Jojoba Cream from Top to Toe

Using Jojoba cream for your whole body is very possible – and here are the tips and tricks that you can follow to maximize on its benefits for daily use:

  • Hair Helper: Jojoba oil can work as an alternative to your hair serum. Before rinsing off shampoo, you can apply a dollop of Jojoba oil into your hair and leave it on for a few minute before washing off. The hair will retain much of its serum agents and will be left feeling silky smooth to the touch. It can even be used as a finishing product! After drying your hair, a very thin layer of jojoba oil smoothed on the tips of your hair can tame the flyaway strands.
  • Wrinkle Preventer: Jojoba oil or cream also works as a great eye moisturizer for sensitive skin. At night, take a very small amount (half the size of a pea) and pat it gently on the skin under your eyes until it is thoroughly absorbed. Leave it on overnight so the skin will fully absorb all its nutrients. You can also use this during the daytime when the weather is particularly harsh and your under eye skin will benefit from an extra layer of jojoba cream to keep it from flaking.
  • Elbow and Feet Soother: If you have problematic elbows and feet with dry, cracked skin, a generous application of jojoba cream over the afflicted area will yield great improvements over time. You can apply jojoba cream to these areas any time; it is best to decant a bit in a pump bottle to keep in your bag for moisturization on the go!
  • Face Saver: Did you know that the nutrient-rich ingredients of jojoba cream also help to make your facial skin healthy? The provitamin B5, allantoin, Vitamin E and more not only make skin dewy but it also helps prevent the signs of ageing to appear on your face. At night, you can apply a moderate amount for deep moisturization. During daytime, a thin veil will suffice and can even act as a smoothening base for your foundation.

Using jojoba cream all over your body is possible – all it takes is a little know-how and pretty soon, your whole body will be benefitting from its amazing moisturizing and anti-ageing properties!

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