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Timely Tips to Make Your Hair Look Model-Worthy

Timely Tips to Make Your Hair Look Model-Worthy

One great thing about hair is that if you take real good care of it, it can really make you look so much better. This means you do not need to put on a lot of makeup or wear flashy clothing in order to be noticed. Decent clothes, a well-scrubbed face and flat-out gorgeous tresses can already be your go-to formula for turning heads and commanding attention.

However, this also does not mean having to spend a fortune on it. There are some simple hair care tips you can follow to make it look model worthy. Here are six of them!

Tip 1:

Lay off the Tools and Ties

If you want to have model-worthy hair, refrain from frequently using blow dryers, curling irons and straightening irons. The heat from these tools will damage your hair! The same also goes for hair ties and hair bands which cause hair to break and bend, resulting in an ugly looking line or wedge that can be difficult to get rid of even if you use natural shampoos and conditioners.

Tip 2:

Moisturize and Deep Condition

Keeping your hair clean is not enough; it is also important to moisturize and deep condition it regularly. Hair is exposed to so much heat and stressors on a daily basis that it deserves to recuperate and replenish lost moistures with natural hair shampoos and conditioners.

Tip 3:

Brush Often to Distribute the Oils

After using all natural shampoos and conditioners, make it a habit to brush your hair for twenty-five strokes, three times a day (morning, afternoon and early evening). This distributes your hair’s natural oils to keep it looking shiny and in perfect place.

Tip 4:

Do Not Shampoo Every Day

You might be very excited to use natural hair shampoos and conditioners, but hair actually looks better on the day after you shampoo it. On day 2, hair is more settled and thus easier to style, with less fly away strands to boot. You will find that day 2 hair, when brushed, is noticeably glossier than the day 1 hair – and that is because your natural oils have been thoroughly distributed all over your mane!

Tip 5:

Have a Regular Trim

The best way to complement your usage of shampoos and conditioners for natural hair is to get a trim every four to six weeks. This gets rids of split ends that weaken the hair shaft, which can contribute to hair damage. Having a regular trim will also give your hair a natural bounce as it is not heavy or weighed down!

Tip 6:

Invest in the Best Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

Again, the best natural shampoos and conditioners are not the most expensive ones. Rather, it would be the ones that are free from chemical ingredients that may give your hair that wonderfully glossy look but in the long run penetrates deep through the hair shaft to make it weak and brittle. Worse, chemical-laden hair products may even bring about other problems that you previously did not have such as dandruff or other forms of scalp irritation. When it comes to hair, being on the safe side will always pay off a hundredfold!

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