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A nutritional supplement is also called a food supplement or a dietary supplement. This product supplements the diet and fills it with nutrients (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and fibber) that are missing or are not consumed properly in one’s diet. Throughout the world, nutritional supplements are considered to be foods, natural health products or even drugs.

Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition supplements industry has experienced a quick growth. You can buy the supplements in specialised stores, online or from retail outlets.

The standards, guidelines, recommendations related to food products, its production, safety and codes of practice that have been internationally recognized in the Codex Alimentarius suggest that those supplements that contain dietary minerals or vitamins are foods.

According to the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) of 1994, a food supplement is intended to complement the diet and should contain a mineral, a vitamin, an amino acid, a herb (or other botanical, except for tobacco), a metabolite, extract, concentrate, constituent or combination of the aforementioned dietary ingredients.

Besides, supplements must fall in line with the next criteria:

  • Every food supplement have to wear a label that reads “dietary supplement”
  • All food supplements must be presented in a form of a tablet, powder, pill, capsule or liquid.
  • None of the nutrition supplements should be recommended for use as the singular item of one’s diet or meal.

Swiss Industry of Nutritional Supplements – Advantages

Dietary supplements from Switzerland have recommended themselves as food complements of high quality. The country presents a wide range of producers that work with natural products. They provide their goods to Vivasan. This is not a great secret that the Swiss are very strict concerning quality.

The advantages of Switzerland products are quite evident:

  • They are developed from natural products, therefore their quality is top-grade
  • These products do not contain synthetical preserving agents
  • Companies from Switzerland have a long-time experience and stable position on the world’s market
  • The products are produced according to the newest technologies and with the help of innovated equipment
  • They can be consumed by all age groups
  • Affordable price and long-term use

Swiss industry of food supplements provides top nutritional supplements that can be obtained for reasonable price by every customer. It does not matter in what part of the world you are located. You will be able to purchase diet supplements from Vivasan. They will help you to stay strong, healthy and beautiful. Contact us and receive a personal consultation. We shall provide a customized approach specially for you, explain the properties and action of our products and choose the product that is perfect for you. Come to us for the result and you will receive it!

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