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One part of a woman’s body that is usually neglected (or at the very least, not given enough attention) is the hands. For those who are intent on keeping and looking young for as long as possible, the alarming news is that hands are the first body parts to show signs of ageing. Being exposed to the sun and other harsh elements can leave your

Pamper and Prettify
Fortunately, hand care is not that complicated; it’s all a matter of knowing the right paraben free products to use and establish a regular but simple routine. Pampering and prettifying one’s hands starts with an at-home hand spa. Grab a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of lemon essential oil or another variant of essential oil that has an equally relaxing and pleasant scent. Submerge your hands in the warm water with lemon essential oil and let it soak for a couple of minutes or until the water is no longer warm. Do not allow your hands to get wrinkly because you are still going to do a light exfoliation after this.

Dry your hands on a soft towel and scoop up a generous handful of a sugar and honey mixture, then rub all over your hands gently but thoroughly. The sugar acts as a light exfoliant that gets rid of the dry and dead skin cells found on your hands, and the honey heals any small cuts with its antibacterial properties while at the same time adds an extra dose of moisture during the exfoliation process. Rinse your hands thoroughly after this part of the process and pat gently on a soft towel.

Oil Indulgence
And finally, before retiring to bed pump a few drops of luxurious jojoba oil or argan oil all over your hands and cover with a pair of mittens or old socks. Oils such as jojoba oil and argana oil are jam-packed with moisturizing properties to lock in moisture in your hands. If you are not comfortable with applying pure oil to your hands you can also choose to mix it in with your favorite unscented moisturizer or lotion for a thinner and lighter application, but once in a while a “hand soak” using pure essential oils should be the perfect treat your hands deserve especially after a long and tiring day. In the morning, you will wake up to silky soft hands that feel smooth to the touch and look like they belong to a younger, more youthful version of you. You can also decant some argan oil or jojoba oil into a small atomizer to keep in your bag for moisturizing on the go, or spread some on your cuticles to keep from getting nasty hangnails that do nothing to improve the look and condition of your hands.

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