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Keep Your Combination Skin Looking Nice – the Natural Way

For many people, having combination skin can sometimes prove to be somewhat of a hassle. This is because you need to consider two kinds of skin conditions on just one face. It can also mean that one type of product may be good for just some or one part of the face, while totally aggravating the others.

If this is your case, then what you need is a natural way of taking care of your combination skin. Here are some tips that will help you find and stick to the best skincare for combination skin UK.

Identify the areas where your skin differs in type. The very first step to take is to really get to know the exact areas of your skin and what each area’s condition is. Don’t just assume that you have an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks. Take a good look in the mirror and check for any signs of flaking or even the slightest patch of oiliness. For example, you may discover that even though your cheeks are dry, you actually tend to oil up around your eyelids. Or that you may have generally dry T-zone, but that spot in between your eyebrows have the slightest sheen to it, indicating the presence of oil. Getting to know your skin’s condition will allow you to target areas that you need to attend to when you start applying facial products.

Go shopping for the right products. Now that you’ve identified the areas, it is time to go shopping! Look for face creams that are for the two skin types you are currently experiencing as a combination skin type. Just get two types of differing products: a night cream and a day cream for both types of skin conditions. Get a smaller bottle or tub of the product that has less real estate on your face (e.g. If your skin is 70% oily and 30% dry, just get a small bottle of the dry skin product and a bigger bottle of the oily skin product).

Use a general type facial wash. Buying facial wash for combination skin can be tricky because it is hard to avoid certain areas when your face is all wet. Thus, it is better to get a facial wash that is suitable for all skin types. This is one less hassle you have to deal with. Make sure you buy one that has natural ingredients and is organic to reduce the likelihood of having flare ups on your skin.

Spot-treat areas when you apply moisturizer. When you use your face creams for both skin types, spot-treat areas on your face that show patches of dryness or oiliness. For example, if the corners of your mouth tend to get dry, dab a bit of the dry skin product on it while using the oily skin product for the surrounding area. Doing so will make a better primer for your makeup if and when you need to use it.Keeping these tips in mind will surely lead you to better-looking combination skin in an all-natural manner!

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