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How to get rid of lime scale quickly and easy

The main reason of lime scale appearance is hard water that is leaking from our faucets. Due to the huge amount of magnum and calcium, the intercommunion with different surfaces a well-known fur on the kettle, oven, and chrome surfaces etc. It is not that simple to get rid of it and preventive means are almost impossible. Lime scale can disappear thankfully to the use of acidulous substances. It’s essential to use rubber gloves while dealing with such substances.

Natural Home Remedies for Removing the Lime Scale

Cider or table vinegar is perfect for removing lime scale from surfaces where it can gather in masses:

  • Dutch tile and its joints. Apply vinegar on the walls with the help of sprinkler and work them with the brush. In several minutes wash all that with water and wipe it dry.
  • Sanitary ware. Heat a glass of vinegar up to 40C. Pour it out into the toilet and leave for the night without washing off.
  • Metallic kettle. Mix 100 ml of vinegar with 1 litre of water. Pour this dilution into the kettle and set it on the fire for boiling. In case the process of exfoliation is slow, leave the kettle for 15 minutes more. It is necessary to thoughtfully wash the kettle after the cleaning.

Citric acid is known for dealing with lime scale as well:

  • Electric kettle. Dissolve 1-2 tea spoons of citric acid in 1 litre of water. Pour the dissolution in the kettle and let it boil. Swill it out, boil it once more empty. For preventive actions: leave the dissolution of citric acid once per month without boiling.
  • Sanitaryware cleaning. Dissolve several packs of citric acid in a small quantity of water. Apply it on the surface and wash in an hour. It’s important! Do not scrub ceramics and enamelled surfaces with abrasive agents, this will lead to scratch marks appearance.

In case you don’t have got much time for all the above mentioned procedures, use the professional remedy for lime scale and scrum resonance – Viva Clean from Vivasan. This liquid cleaner will help to solve the problem of pollution effectively. Viva Clean is perfect for electrical equipment cleaning (kettles, coffeemakers, irons, dish-washers, watering pots and any other chromate surfaces.

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