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Homemade Hair Mask with Essential Oil

Do you have dull split ends hair? It is easy to damage hair, but the ways to repair damaged hair take time. Bad fare, regular dying with permanent paints containing hydrogen nitride, frequent decolouration, every-day thermal styling with the help of blow dryer, curler or hair iron are the enemies of gorgeous chevelure. Dry hair is in the group of the highest risk. They often lack moistening and sebum that is proved to be a natural protector. That is why dry hair care should be especially thorough.

Natural Hair Care Products: Rating

  • Avocado, coco-nut, olive natural oils. These oils contain vitamins A, E and other nutritional substances. They provide intensive moistening and reconstruction of damaged hair. That is the reason why natural oils take the first place in the rating of hair care products.
  • Cultured milk foods. Sour milk, yoghurt and lapper milk are effective fighters with scruff. Besides, they strengthen hair. These products contain big amount of vitamin B that is essential for hair growth. This is a perfect choice for hair restoration.
  • Essential oils. A few drops of these wonderful substances added into a mask will save even severely damaged hair. Ylang-ylang, sandal, rosemary and tangerine essential oils are appropriate for dry hair. Meanwhile, sandal and rosewood essential oils will save split ends.
  • Gelatin. Volume and shining can be obtained with the help of gelatin-based masks. Thankfully to its smothering properties, this product creates effect of natural hair lamination. Besides, it restores damaged hair structure.

How to Repair Dry Damaged Hair

Do you notice a lot of fell out hair during brushing? This may be a signal of problems inside your organism, such as nutritional deficiency. This problem is especially burning in the inter-season. Special vitamins that strengthen hair from Vivasan called Migliorin capsules for hair will help to restore hair thickness. Complex with the extracts of millet, horsetail, provitamin B5, soy and wheat germ oils stops loss of hair and enriches organism with all necessary vitamins and minerals. Also use Phials for hair for lost hair restoration.

Best Hair Care Tips

  1. Do not wash your hair too often, as your hair and scalp will become over-dried. Besides, frequent hairwash can provoke sebum flux. This is an endless circle for your hair. It will lose freshness sooner. Try to wash your hair maximum 2-3 times per week.
  2. If you need a quick refresh for your hair, use powder shampoo. It will consume the excessive grease from hair.
  3. Too hot water is harmful for hair. Meanwhile cool water smoothes its surface and gives healthy sleek effect.
  4. If you visit a swimming-pool, make sure you put on a swimming hat. This will help you to protect the hair from chloride.
  5. Put on headwear in summer. Ultra-violet rays dry hair very much and lead to its fading.

Restoring Hair Masks Recipe

Homemade hair masks for dry or damaged hair proved to be effective on equal terms with salon procedures. Here are two easy mask recipes for fractured and dry hair.

Fermented milk hair mask:

  • 1 glass of sour milk
  • 2 table spoons of olive oil
  • 2 drops of Vivasan rosemary and lavender essential oils each.
Spread the mask on your hair. Then cover your head with a hat or towel. Wash off the mask in 40 minutes with the help of shampoo.

Oily nourishing hair mask:

  • 1 teaspoon of burdock root oil extract
  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
Mix the components, spread the mass on your hair, leave for 50 minutes and then wash off with your shampoo.

If you don’t have enough time for easy DIY hair masks for dry hair, you can buy a mask from Vivasan with silk proteins and gold oats extract. Silk mask for hair is a perfect choice for domiciliary hair treatment. It provides a gentle care for damaged hair, intensive moistening and restoration of hair structure. Softening components smother hair and prevent split ends. This mask is appropriate even for very dry hair. It returns silkiness and gloss, helps to get rid of statics and provides easy brushing.

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