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Hands care for dry skin

Hands care for dry skin

How to Keep Your Hands Looking and Feeling Baby SoftThey say that the first telltale sign of ageing is the condition of your hands – what with it being your primary tool to do work and being frequently exposed to the elements. Even when your face looks dewy soft and youthful, others will know that something is up when they notice that you have dry and wrinkly hands. This is made even worse when you aren’t even of the “older crowd” yet and your hands look like they do! Fortunately, hands care for dry skin is not that difficult. You just need to know the regular habits that you should practice in order to prevent your hand from looking and feeling old and wrinkly – and that’s what’s in for you in this article.Hands Care Tip 1: Choose Your Moisturizer WiselyThe first thing that you need to do is to assess the condition of your hands and look for the right moisturizer for you. As there are different types of moisturizers in the market, it is important to find your right fit. The following questions will help you narrow down the search for the right product:
  • Are your hands dry all the time, or are they only dry occasionally or in specific weather?
  • Do you experience cracking and scaly skin on your hands?
  • Does your problem include age spots?
  • How quickly do your hands assume their dry state after applying your current lotion or moisturizer?
Simply answer these questions truthfully and extensively, and let your answers guide you in choosing the right moisturizer that addresses your problems or conditions.

Hands care for dry skin

Hands Care Tip 2: Do a Regular Hands SpaHands care for dry skin will sometimes require hand spa time for a more indulgent and intensive moisturizing session that will help keep dryness at bay. A good hands spa routine is very simple: after taking a shower, scrub your hands with a combination of honey and sugar for about two minutes. This gentle exfoliation method will get rid of patchy and dry skin while still retaining the moisture, thanks to the honey. Pat dry with fluffy towel, and before going to bed coat a generous amount of petroleum jelly on your hands before donning an old pair of gloves or socks. Sleep in this fashion, and in the morning you will wake up to glorious and moisturized hands!

Hands care for dry skin

Hands Care Tip 3: Protect Your Hands From ChemicalsYou may now know it, but your regular housekeeping chores can really do a number on your hands. Make it a strict practice to don rubber gloves when washing the dishes or cleaning the house using harsh chemicals like detergent, bleach, and other cleansers. Sure, you can simply wash your hands after cleaning even if you do not use rubber gloves – but there is almost always some residue that is left on your skin that cannot be removed with mere hand washing soap. When it comes to hands care for dry skin, you need to really figure out ways to protect your skin from seemingly harmless chemicals that actually do a number on them!

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