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Five Signs That Tell You Are Menopausal – And How To Find Relief From Them

They say the life gets better as you age, but one dark cloud that looms in the distance of ageing (for women, at least) is the dreaded stage called menopause. Many women have their fair share of menopause horror stories, but this should not make you feel as if you will not make it through this season of your life alive. Here, we talk about the five most common signs of menopause and just exactly how you can find relief from them.

Menopause Sign 1:

Weight Gain.If you find that the pounds are creeping in despite your efforts to lose weight, you are most likely entering the stage of menopause. This weight gain happens because the stress that comes with menopause forces your body to stock up on calories as it goes into survival mode.

Tip: Reassess what you eat and eliminate all forms of refined carbohydrates in your diet. Add more fruits, vegetables and protein for energy that you consume far easier than carbs. At the same time, load up on fiber so your bowel movement is better, your blood sugar keeps to the normal zone, and your body lessens the amount of fat it stores.

Menopause Sign 2: 

Fatigue. When your period has stopped or slowed down, you might find yourself feeling more tired than ever. The physical exhaustion is normal, because your hormones are going haywire during this time and prevents you from getting the rest that you need.

Tip: Make sure you have a lot of time for mindful relaxation. You might not be clocking in the hours at night, but at the very least you should be more conscious of your breathing several times during the day in order to preserve your storage of energy.

Menopause Sign 3:

Hot Flashes. A hot flash is a feeling that your body is extra hot and you are sweating profusely. This is quite stressful and will have you shedding off clothes and rushing to stand in front of the air conditioner.

Tip: This is the season to dress in thin and light colored clothing, which will greatly reduce the feeling of extra warmth. Make sure you tote around a hand fan or a battery operated on, so when the hot flash strikes you are ready with your weapon to cool down, wherever you may be.

Menopause Sign 4:

Hair Loss. Hair loss during menopause is yet another indicator of hormone imbalance as your estrogen and testosterone levels battle it out. Hair loss may also be because of stress that comes with menopause.

Tip: It might time to start taking supplements for menopause that contain the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy hair and scalp. These menopause herbal supplements also have addition nutrients that will keep you healthy, apart from ensuring that your hair stays on your head!

Menopause Sign 5:

Low Libido. If sex is the last thing on your mind without you meaning to, then you can be sure you are in the throes of menopause. And you cannot be blamed, what with the feeling of vaginal dryness that makes sexual activity painful.

Tip: Make sure your diet is healthy and balanced, with ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids to support your cell membranes. You can also load up on libido-increasing foods, such as oysters or asparagus. Failing that, you can also rely on some vaginal lubrication to have pain-free sex.

Menopause may be inevitable, but knowing the signs and how to combat them will surely make you endure it with a lot of grace!

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