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Five Must-Do Tips to Care for Your Skin at Forty

Have you heard of the phrase ‘forty and fabulous’? If you think this only applies to celebrities and models, you have another think coming. You may not find yourself being as attention-getting as actresses at the age of forty, but there are five things you can do to care for your skin at this decade and quite possibly put it in the limelight. Remember: this new decade brings a new set of skin care rules – and those who abide by them will be assured of growing old gracefully, with class and amazing skin!

  1. Switch to natural, anti aging skin care products. For skin that looks healthy and cared for, mild and unscented products will work best. Use these all year round and not just seasonally, switching to a body cream for dry skin during the colder months to prevent skin from becoming even drier.
  2. Add an AHA and retinoid product to your anti aging skin care routine. Choosing one is best done with the guidance of a dermatologist so you will know how concentrated a dose you will need, depending on your skin condition. AHAs and retinoids slough off dead skin cells and encourage the production of new one, which makes your skin look fresh. Even an anti aging cream for oily skin or dry skin will benefit from a dose of AHA or retinoid to encourage faster cell turnover.
  3. Treat acne with lots of care and gentleness. There are still some women who experience acne in their forties. When this condition persists, it is important to use products that are of the milder variety. Remember: your skin can no longer withstand the beating that it did in your teens, twenties and part of your thirties. Using gentler products will help keep acne under control without creating lasting damage to your skin.
  4. Make moisturizer a regular part of your routine. In your forties, you want to preserve as much moisture as you can because this is the key to youthful-looking skin. Make it a habit to moisturize right after you take a shower with nourishing lotion or body oil. In line with this, do not forget your hair! You might also experience losing moisture in your hair, so use products for that as well. When you go out, skip the blow dryer (and anything heat-related) and instead just apply shiny hair products that also pack a lot of moisture.
  5. Be religious with sun protection. The ultraviolet rays from the sun, when in contact with the skin, will accelerate its aging. Therefore, it is very important to always apply a layer of sunscreen on every part of your body that is exposed to sunlight. Even when you are just going to stay indoors, you still need sunscreen because UV rays penetrate through windows. Pay special attention to your neck and hands, because these two body parts can get wrinkly real quickly and make you look older than you really are.

When you make these five tips a regular part of your beauty routine, you can all the more enjoy what this new decade will bring!

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