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Essential Oils that Help In Case of Depression

Almost 350 million of people around the globe suffer from depression. This sad statistics is not strange. Nowadays world features so many stresses that human’s psychic and organism just don’t handle all that. It was proven by the scientists that long-time sadness leads to great gut and lungs diseases. Worrying provokes pancreas diseases. Anger contributes into liver diseases and fear – into kidney diseases.

The first ring to an upcomming depression is constant tiredness. The organism signalizes that it needs some good rest as quick as possible (both physical and emotional). This is essential to understand your organism on this stage, as tiredness ignoring can lead to more serious consequences and depression. Not counting the constant tiredness, there are the next moments signalizing of the depression:

  • Constant anxiety without an obvious reason• Attention and concentration difficulties
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Annoyances
  • Appetite lowering

Aromatherapy can help you with depression. Essential oils phytocynds allow enhancing T-cells producing in 6 times. These cells are the main mediators of cell immune system. Improvement of the immune system and psycho-physical organism’s functions enhancement are possible thankfully to this. Besides, all essential oils are natural antibiotics. Vivasan essential oils are best defenders from stress. Their iniquity is in high cleaning stage, full spectre of aroma healing action and not containing of synthetic supplements.

In case you are in a stressful situation, breathe in the orange, eucalypt, rosemary, neroli or frankincense essential oil aroma. The feeling of joy and euphoria will be given by the clary essential oil. It is successfully used in aromatherapy for fighting with melancholy and depression. Stress can be avoided with the help of face massage with using lavender, carnation and geranium. Mix a drop of essential oil with cream and apply it on your face on massage lines. The tension can be also removed by back massage or aroma bath with savin, ylang-ylang pine-tree, geranium or chamomile.

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