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Coenzyme Q10: A New Age in Health and Beauty

Women who are very concerned about their health have probably heard of (and taken) these kinds of supplements: probiotic supplements, soy supplements, glucosamine supplements and the like. But there is one more thing you need to add to your arsenal of health and beauty aids – and that is the Q10 supplement. Q10 is cropping up in more and more health supplements online, and with good reason. These herbal supplements are earning quite a good reputation when it comes to showing good improvements in one’s overall health and beauty. It is because of this ability alone that Q10 has become a must-have ingredient in many elite supplements and leading beauty products.

A Very Important Task

Natural health supplements like Q10 have the very important task of protecting the cells and producing energy for the body to function properly – much like what a zinc supplement does. This is a fat-soluble substance that is naturally present in the human body. However, the need for it arises when an individual fails to produce a substantial amount of it. Thus, people turn to health supplements and vitamin supplement drinks that contain Q10 to add to what is missing in their body.

Your Skin’s New Best Friend

Another thing to love about multivitamin supplements that contain Q10? It is a great antioxidant that does a world of good to your skin. Many antioxidant supplements contain Q10 because it has the amazing ability to rid your skin of any traces of free radicals – elements that wreak havoc on the skin and can be blamed for advanced ageing. Research has shown that Q10 is able to reduce UV damage on the skin as well as stimulate it to encourage the production of collagen. Collagen is the substance that plumps up the skin to keep it looking youthful; without it, wrinkles appear sooner, faster and more pronounced.

More A Need Than A Want

This is the part where we tell you that Q10 supplements are just as necessary as others like omega 3 supplements or a selenium supplement: Exposure to the sun actually depletes Q10’s presence in the skin. No wonder many liquid vitamin and mineral supplements contains Q10 as away of providing an ingredient that keeps the skin looking young. Because of this, the need for high levels of Q10 in the body is made all the more important.

Q10 in nutritional supplement drinks or iodine supplements help refuel the body by providing it with energy. For people who are feeling the “slowing down” effects of ageing, what they can do to gain a lot of that back is to incorporate a good amount of Q10 back into their system. The older one gets, the more necessary it is to look for immune system supplements that have Q10 because the body’s ability to produce it drops off through the years. So the next time you find yourself shopping for new vitamins and minerals, make sure you also choose one that has Q10 in it. It is better to start loading up on it now than play catch up later in life!

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