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Child’s Immune System Boosting

How to boost the immune system of a child? All parents ask this question themselves. According to statistics, about 75% of children under the age of 7 have compromised immunity. This is connected with the fact that the immune system of children is developed worse than the immune system of adults. That is why they are ill more often. A child’s immune system depends on nutrition, overall health and psychological climate in the family. The program of children’s immunity strengthening includes 5 points.

1. Fresh air and exercise

Fresh air has always been a security of strong health. Try to provide as many walks for your child as you can, especially in sunny weather. It is a well-known fact that vitamin D is produced in the organism thankfully to sun rays. This vitamin helps to digest calcium, the main material for growing bones. Even a short 20-minute- long fresh-air walk will allow appetite increasing and provide deep sleep.

2. Quenching

A child must be dressed according to the weather. Don’t overdo wrapping your baby in warm clothes. Children are more prone to overheat and even the slightest draught can become the reason of cold. It is essential to quench little children boosting their immunodefence. The main factors of quenching are water, air and sun rays.

3. Healthy rest and sleep

Immunity strengthening during sleep happens quicker. That is why a child needs a good quality night and day sleep. If you cannot put your little fidget to sleep, aromatherapy will help you. Use natural essential oils from Vivasan for your aroma lamp. Lavender, sage and bergamot aromas will help your baby to calm down and fall asleep. Also you can add several drops of savin or fir essential oil into the relaxing evening bath.

4. Sport Spend as much time as you can at the playground with your little one, so that your baby could swing to his or her heart;s content. You can buy skates, a bicycle, a longboard or other toy for active games if your child is a little older. Going in for sports will also be a great plus.

5. Vitamin complexes

It is crucial to support the kid’s immunity during inter-season period with the help of vitamin complexes. It is important to choose reparations based on the natural ingredients. The use from such vitamins is obvious in comparison with the synthetic analogues.

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