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At-Home Preps for the Best Romantic Massage

Planning for a rejuvenating yet romantic at-home massage experience for you and your special someone? You will be happy to know that with a little time and effort, you can make it very memorable. These tips will help you accomplish just that!

Romantic Massage Tip 1: Choose your products based on shared preference and desired outcome.

The best essential oils for massage are the ones that you and your partner personally like, scent-wise. This means, you should choose a scent that appeals to the both of you. In addition, narrow down your choice of scent based on what you want to get out of your massage. Are you going to do a massage to reinvigorate or to calm the senses and the body? There are essential oils that are specific to either, such as lavender for calming and eucalyptus for reenergizing.

Romantic Massage Tip 2: Prep your room properly.

Whether you are doing the at-home massage in the bedroom or the living room, it pays to make the environment look and smell good. Lower the thermostat to create a warm space, and cozy things up with little additions such as scented candles or rose petals in water bowls. If you do not have time for the whole shebang, at the very least aim to keep clutter out of the way to reduce the amount of “stressful visuals” in the environment.

Romantic Massage Tip 3: Set some mood music.

If a romantic massage should indulge as many senses as possible, then you need to make sure that what you hear is as pleasant as how a massage itself feels. Choose music that is both relaxing and sexy; avoid anything too upbeat or containing too exciting a sound (ex. electric guitars, deep bass, fast tempo, etc.). If you haven’t got the perfect music in your mp3 player, no worries: simply tune in to an online radio channel that will stream mood-setting music for your romantic massage.

Romantic Massage Tip 4: Research on the best moves.

You efforts at setting the environment, music and overall mood would be for naught if your massage techniques are, well… not too good. Short of enrolling in a quick massage therapist course, a swift browse on the Internet for easy but effective massage strokes will do. It’s important to know some basic massage moves because going into this blindly might end up in the opposite result of causing your partner more pain than pleasure, such as hitting a nerve or a muscle.

Romantic Massage Tip 5: Dress the part.

As you beautify your surroundings for a romantic at-home massage, so should you pay the same amount of effort on yourself (or even more). There’s no need to book a salon appointment to get dolled up, but by all means do make an effort to look extra-captivating for this experience. Fix your hair, apply a hint of makeup, spray on some cologne and wear a sexy or a sensual outfit that still makes you feel comfortable apart from confident.

These five tips can do a lot to make your at-home romantic massage experience so unforgettable, your partner will surely ask you when you can do it again!

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