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Benefits of Use Tea Tree Oil

If you would like to turn to natural solutions for everyday needs, one of the first things you should consider getting is organic tea tree essential oil. This type of oil comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant and is steam-distilled as was of collection. Tea tree oil has a camphor-like scent and usually comes off as a clear liquid, but some variants can be a bit pale gold.
Touted as a general-purpose solution, essential tea tree oil has many amazing uses for both personal health and the home. Its winning ability is it’s being an effective agent against viruses, bacteria and fungi, and is also quite popular as a way of stimulating one’s immune system. A note about tea tree essential oil, though: this liquid is NOT to be ingested orally, as doing so can be poisonous. Getting that out of the way, here are some amazing uses for tea tree oil that you need to know:

Health Uses of Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil:

  1. Wound Healer: If you have cuts and burns, a drop of tea tree oil works as an antiseptic agent that keeps it clean from bacteria and infection, and helps speed up the healing process.
  2. Face Saver: Suffering from a bout of pimples? Tea tree oil, when applied topically, can help draw out bacteria and dry out your zits.
  3. Anti-Fungal Hero: Tea tree oil is a great way of treating fungal infections all over the body, such as eczema, athlete’s foot, several types of yeast infections and more.
  4. Flu Fighter: if you are feeling like you are starting to get the flu or have a sinus infection, using tea tree oil with manuka can help lessen or eliminate your symptoms. Add a few drops to your bath or you can also put it in a vaporizer to help loosen chest congestions. Bonus: bathing with it can also banish body odor.

Cleaning Uses of Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil:

  1. All-Purpose Cleaning Agent: A combination of tea tree oil (two teaspoons) mixed in two cups of water and finally poured in a spray bottle is your must-grab spray cleaner for cleaning surfaces and many objects.
  2. Bathroom Scrubber: Take your cleaning solution mentioned previously and add some kosher salt: voila, you now have an all-natural bathtub and tile scrub!
  3. Dish and Laundry Disinfectant: A couple of drops of tea tree oil to your dishwasher or laundry load will give it an extra dose of bacteria-fighting power, plus it will make your laundry smell really nice as well!
  4. Mold and Musty Smell Banisher. If you are having a mold problem, simply spray the affected items or areas with a combination of water and tea tree oil. Mustiness is also eliminated instantly with the same solution!
  5. Germ and Grime Eliminator. High traffic spots usually mean a full parking for germs and grime – such as car seats, high chairs and other often-used items that are subject to exposure to dirt. Keep these areas clean with a spraying of water and tea tree oil.

These amazing health and cleanliness benefits from tea tree oil essence will definitely make you want to stock up on this wonder oil!

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