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Blueberries: Small in Size, Big on Benefits

Want to give your health a much needed boost with minimal effort? It all starts with adding blueberries as natural dietary supplements or a liquid formula to your regular diet. This teeny tiny fruit packs a punch in terms of benefits, and here are but a few compelling examples that you need to know!

Blueberries are a great source of Vitamin C.

Blueberries as natural dietary supplements or as a liquid formula can provide as much as one fourth of one’s daily Vitamin C requirement. This is needed for a better immune system and keeps the sickies at bay!

Blueberries contribute to that glow in your skin.

Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants, which greatly aid in improving your skin and making it glow. A large helping of blueberries via natural dietary supplements or a liquid formula can help make your skin look naturally better sans the make up!

Blueberries keep UTIs at bay.

If you are prone to UTIs (urinary tract infection), the natural way to avoid this is by incorporating blueberries in your diet. There are compounds in blueberries that keep bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder, which decreases the chances of developing urinary tract infections. And if you already have UTI, the infection runs its course faster when you take blueberries.

Blueberries are a great study snack food.

Ever wondered why blueberries often appear in many trail mix snacks, a popular snack food for studying? It is because the flavonoids in blueberries help to improve one’s memories. So when you find yourself studying for your upcoming finals or rehearsing that big presentation, do the smart thing and eat blueberries or take it as natural dietary supplements or in liquid formula instead of yet another bag of chips!

Blueberries make for better (and more regular) trips to the john.

Suffering from digestion or constipation problems? The natural way to introduce more roughage (or fiber) to your diet is through blueberries! A diet rich in blueberries is a diet rich in sodium, vitamins, fructose and acids that help in digestion.

Blueberries help to preserve your vision.

Blueberry extracts have compounds that help slow down loss of vision as well as delay a variety of ocular problems such as cataracts, myopia, eye dryness and infections to the retina, among others. If you want to avoid experiencing vision problems now and in the near (or late) future, it is time you make blueberries a regular part of your diet.

Blueberries can help reduce belly fat.

The polyphenols in blueberries have been shown to break down body fat faster than simply relying on your own body’s natural metabolism to do it. If you find that you have difficulty losing weight despite working out, then perhaps giving your metabolism a much-needed natural boost is the key to seeing some improvements in your health regimen.

As one can see, the humble blueberry is more than just a tiny, great-tasting fruit that makes for a really good pie. Its benefits across a variety of health concerns are enough reasons to make it a part of your daily diet!

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